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This week at Bentley...

It has been a real joy to see the sunshine again and it would be fair to say that there has been a spring feel about this week – at last! We have had a busy week again and we are all looking forward to our Kindness Week next week with lots of special activities and reflections planned by PSHE Leader Mrs Vogel before our Easter break.

I have very much enjoyed the process of taking in the pupil and staff nominations for two new awards of the ‘Kindness Cup’ and the ‘Values’ cups. These were chosen by the school community and it was so lovely to see how carefully the children chose their nominees.  What was particularly nice was the whole school was clearly reflected as many children chose friends and people they look up to who are in other classes. I also had a couple of parents feedback that the children enjoyed taking part in the nominations and the care and love between the pupils really shone through. Well done Bentley!

There has been lots of great learning going on all week and everyone really enjoyed the super Orchestra concert yesterday afternoon – bravo. This weekend is going to be a very special one for many children with Mrs Lawrence’s ballet club children having some very important roles in a wonderful show. There may still be a few tickets still left if you would like to come along to the Electric Theatre in Guildford tomorrow for the matinee or evening production.

We also delivered an assembly today to raise awareness of autism before next week which is National Autism Week. If you would like to know more I would recommend the website Our children know we have a wide range of abilities and differences within our school community, but it can be confusing at times when they do not understand that ‘bigger’ does not automatically mean more responsible, and that at times ‘fair’ has to be different to help everyone to achieve. The children were able to ask me and staff any questions they had and hopefully we were able to answer them. What came through clearly was that sometimes children interpret adult embarrassment about Special Needs as being disapproval. They have lots of questions and sometimes as adults we may not know the ‘right’ answers, but that is fine to tell them that and to try and find out the right answer together.

A parent of a child with autism recently told me how hard it is. “I want my child to be in a Specialist setting but we keep being turned down. We are trying to work with the system and I know the school support me and try to do the best possible for my child.  My child’s needs affect our family and of course I love my child and would do whatever I can to help them, but we are worn out. It affects my other children too and I am so worried for them. Sometimes people look at us and I know they think I am not doing a good job”.

When the children asked me how they could help children with autism I suggested they carry on smiling and offering help and to be the kind and friendly children they are. I said we can write to the politicians and demand more money for special needs to help every child have the right school for them and a place that they are safe.

Being a parent whose child has any special needs can be incredibly isolating and whilst we cannot make everything ‘right’ we can make a huge difference to the lives of others through tiny acts of kindness. We all need to be wished a ‘Good morning’ and smiled at and treated respectfully.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and let’s hope the sunshine, blossom and spring continue as today through into our last week of term! I know there are some special greetings cards in book bags today ready for some VERY special people on Sunday morning. A huge thank you to our super Year 4 class Reps, Emma Refausse and Lora Bowden, as they have been in and out of school this week taking lovely photographs. They have certainly added their magical sparkle and a wish that every mummy gets a special memory to keep forever whatever you are up to this weekend.

A reminder the clocks go forwards this weekend so we will see you an hour EARLIER on Monday morning!

All the information about what's happening in school next week can be found by clicking here.

Katy Pinchess, Headteacher


Thank you to...

...the Proud family for the donation of new PE mats

the Wellstead family for their kind donation which will go towards the new rug for Year 1

…Alessia, Year 1 for donating her pocket money to towards the purchase of the new rug too

…our Sponsored Walkers for participating on Saturday – click here for an update on the event


The Bentley Ball

There has been an absolutely magnificent team at work today getting ready for The Bentley Ball tonight. I know that the lucky people going are in for an amazing night. A HUGE thank you to everyone involved in the planning, emails, promises auction and also the organisation and tidy up tomorrow. We really shall go to the ball!

Big thanks to…

The mastermind planners behind the whole event; Sally Dando and Sarah Stanley who have created the evening with such attention to detail and great fundraising ambitions! You are tremendous!

Huge thanks to; James Stanley, Jo Martin, Zoe Schafer, Barbs Sarling, Kate Hawkes, Laura Wellstead and Sophie Handa. We could not possible have done this without you – you are amazing and have all worked so hard to ensure that every detail has been thought of.

To everyone who has donated items (from flowers to fizz to beer), or offered a promise or auction prize – you are so kind and generous.  Also to those who have so kindly given sponsorship for the band and the welcome drinks.

To James Aston, Gary Handa and Vicky Soden for your support at the ball later tonight…good luck, you will be terrific!

Even if you cannot come tonight you are still able to participate in the amazing Promises Auction which is going on until mid-day on Sunday 31st April. Get your bids in and continue to raise as much money as we can towards our minibus. Bids are live on the PTFA website so don’t miss out – there are some super ‘Promises’ up for grabs.