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This week at Bentley...

It can be a strange experience (at both school and home) when a class are out on a residential visit. For some it will have been a very quiet and bizarre feeling to have a child away but everyone should be very proud of how well the children have flourished in their independence. There were many proud children showing their families around the site this morning! We are extremely lucky at our school to have staff who pack up and leave their own home and families to give our pupils some of their ‘best ever’ moments. They continue to be the amazing educators they are through all weathers and everything that being with 60 children for 24 hours a day brings!

A HUGE thank you to Mrs Scott-Bromley, Mr Goddard and Mrs P in the Year 4 team and to Miss Hand, Mrs Patey and Mrs Hamer in the Year 3 team. You are wonderful, patient and somewhat sleep deprived – enjoy a RESTFUL weekend with the thanks of all parents, carers and, most of all, the children.

Please click here to read about their adventures on the blog.

Back at school there has been lots going on…

  • In Year R everyone has really welcomed our new LSA Ms Newman and she says that she has had a great week and thank you very much everyone for making her feel part of the Bentley family!
  • Bentley came third out of eleven schools in the Rounders competition taking us through to the next round in the Hampshire Games competition.
  • In Year 1 the children are getting really self-motivated about challenging themselves in mastery level mathematics with different reasoning questions,
  • The summer term hockey team are doing brilliantly in their early morning training sessions.
  • In Year 2 the class have enjoyed their current focus book of ‘How to Catch a Star’ and they wrote about how you might do that!
  • It was a quiet week in breakfast club and afterschool club so a craze for jigsaw puzzles has taken hold. (If you have any which you might like to donate then they would be delighted to receive them!)
  • In Year 5 they have been measuring angles which is a lot of fun but you have to be accurate.
  • In Year 6 they are learning about Evolution in Science and thought about how animals evolve to their surroundings by creating their own amalgamation creatures!

Between Year 5 packing and Year 3 and 4 unpacking I know that it will be a busy weekend for many of us. Make sure that you find time to enjoy all the fun in between!

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Katy Pinchess, Headteacher


Governors at the Gate – Summer focus on ‘Vision and Values at our Church School’

Many of the school governors will again be greeting children and parents at the school gates during the final week of this very busy, half term. We will be at the gate to speak to you before school on 20th ,21st and 22nd of May.

We much appreciated the ideas and observations about the ‘wider school curriculum’ discussed last term at the school gate. These observations will feed into our ongoing planning but this term a working group are looking at the aims and ambitions of the school and how school might need to develop primary education as the world and our community changes. To this end we are very keen to share your thoughts as parents and carers, about what you value, what is your picture of our school in the future and what kind of people you would like your children to be when they move on?

We look forward to meeting you again and hearing your thoughts,

Mr DA Ibbotson  Chair of Governors  


Library News

The children are still enjoying our super new(ish!) library space upstairs.  The weekly class visits have given us a 'Top 5' for most popular fiction author in Infants and Juniors and most popular non-fiction genre.

Top 5 Fiction Infant authors

1. Roderick Hunt

2. Julia Donaldson

3. Daisy Meadows

4. Lauren Child

5. Roger Hargreaves

Top 5 Fiction Junior authors

1. Jeff Kinney

2. Roald Dahl

3. Liz Pichon

4. David Walliams

5. Jacqueline Wilson

Top 5 Non-fiction book genre

1. Animals

2. History

3. Healthy living/Human body

4. Space

5. Crafts/ drawing

 Our best Library Users are Year 3, Year R and Year 6.  And the best Library users (those who read and change books every week) are as follows:

Year R: Hamish, Agnes, Noah, Dolton

Year 1: Harriet, Finley, Alessia, Rose

Year 2: Emma, Oliver, Poppy, Sophie

Year 3: Olivia, Harry, Bella, Joe

Year 4: Emily, Rose, Lewis, Millie

Year 5: Bart, Charlie, Katie, Fred

Year 6: Holly, Kelvin, Zeph, Rafe

Charity News

We have heard some great news from Young Voices which Years 5 and 6 took part in this year. They asked us to pass on the great news that the 2019 Young Voices concert tour raised £133,000 in wristbands, bucket collections and text donations for Teenage Cancer Trust. FareShare have also asked us to say a massive thank you for your food donations which have helped to feed disadvantaged children and adults across the UK.


Neighbours Request

We are very lucky to have neighbours around the school who support and promote us within the community. This is shown in many different ways; from donations to volunteering to positivity about the work we do and a sense of pride within the parish about the school. We are very lucky to be situated in Bentley and enjoy being an important and valued part of village life. Sadly, we have had two complaints from our neighbours which we hope you can help with. One asked us to remind parents, carers and anyone picking up from school not to turn in private driveways as this has been happening a lot. Another requested that the school highlight the frequency of barking dogs and car alarms going off. Please help us to work in harmony with our village neighbours and do what you can to help.