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This week at Bentley

This has been a frenetic but WONDERFUL week for our lovely little school where our children have wowed and amazed us. Hooray!

Firstly, a big well done to everyone for getting involved with our brilliant Sports Day. The compliments have been flying in to Miss Kirby, PE Leader and to the schools staff and CMSports for a really fun and active day. We were so lucky with the rain – hooray! 

Secondly to everyone in Year 6 for making us SO PROUD this week. They have spoken in front of the whole of Winchester cathedral (and inspired the bishop!); they used superb problem solving skills and rocked at the Alton college maths competition; they led the House Teams and, finally, they have got some wonderful activities planned and resourced brilliantly for today’s School Fair. Well done Year 6!

Thirdly, to the two amazing teams who represented our one form entry school along at the Hampshire Games. This competition is open to all 538 state schools but also to the Independent sector. The competition level is very high and it was phenomenal to have two teams get through. I am very proud to announce that our hockey team placed as 4th in Hampshire (after 10 matches!) and the Year 3 & 4 tennis team placed at 10th. Tremendous work! A huge well done to Miss Kirby in her leadership of PE this year and to all the children involved. Miss Kirby’s report and photographs can be found by clicking here.

Lastly, we have a lot of fun planned this afternoon at the Pirate themed Summer Fair. A big thank you to Steph Bryan and Charlotte Day for masterminding the event and to all the pupils, staff, volunteers, friends and parents who are running the events for the rest of us to enjoy. This year the Year 6 team have brought in some outside catering and we look forward to having a fun event.

Here are the timings for the event…

At pick up – please be aware that there may be volunteers setting up so keep a close hold on younger siblings!

3.55pm - Year 5 pupils to set up stalls

4pm - The Gates open to everyone else – all pirate themed dressing up encouraged (for the whole family if you want to get involved and keep any ‘dangerous’ weapons under the care of the adults!)

4.45pm – Bell to ring for the Dressing up competition in the Sports Hall

5pm – Bell to ring for the Dance show in the hall

6pm – Bell to ring for raffle winners to be announced outside the sports hall

8pm - hometime and tidy up

We have reminded pupils in collective Worship that their parents/carers are responsible for them at PTFA events so please arrange a good meeting place as required.

Water will be available at the First Aid station by the Rainbow Room door – please bring pre-filled water bottles for your children where possible.

We look forward to seeing you later!

Katy Pinchess, Headteacher


Year 6 making us proud at the cathedral

Year 6 attended the Leavers’ service at Winchester Cathedral on Thursday, it was a wonderful start to the celebrations of their time at primary school. Each school had been asked to create a canvas relating to the importance of bees and sustainability, Bentley was asked to talk about our canvas. Our Church School Councillors, Bea and Adam, spoke extremely well explaining the vision for our canvas to over 600 children at the service. We were so proud of them and their opening lines must have made a lasting impression on the Bishop as he repeated them – bees are the world’s biggest pollinator; humans are the world’s biggest polluter. Well done Adam and Bea! We were proud of all the children as once again the Bentley rule, respect, was modelled by each and every one of them. The cathedral was an awe inspiring venue which enabled the children to reflect on the primary school years and their next move to secondary.


parking & Driving in the village

John Goodyear, the Chair of the Parish Council, has written to me this week to highlight some complaints from local residents directed towards the school. These occurred on Sports Day when drivers had to mount the kerb opposite The Star Inn. A local resident reported that they have been walking on the pavement and vehicles have continued driving towards them on the pavement. 

I appreciate that this area is a pinch point in the village but would urge all parents and carers to ensure that they are driving safely and with courtesy for pedestrians at all times. If you should witness a problem please contact the police who are the appropriate body to deal with traffic issues. 

Today at the school fair we encourage everyone who can to walk to school

If you live further afield then...there are bike racks for child bikes at school and for adult bikes on the Rec (bring a lock) 

If you are driving, please park safely and in the car park if possible. The best place to park is at the end of the Recreation ground.

Build in time for driving and be aware the main road by the shops is single traffic only at several points. 

I have assured John that I will raise safe driving and parking with our school community. I have offered for our governor Resources committee to work with the Parish to try ensure that pedestrians AND drivers are all kept safe in the village. 

Thank you in advance for your help.