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This week at Bentley...

We have had a busy week of learning again here at school. It has certainly taken a chillier turn and a big thank you to everyone who has been busy labelling scarves and gloves at home, to help children locate them at school!

We have noted an increase in home reading this term and want to say thank you to adults for ensuring that children are reading regularly five times a week and out loud. This is hugely beneficial to help children build their reading stamina, to decode tricky words and to discuss new vocabulary. We are coming up for our Reading Awards and look forward to celebrating all your hard work.  

This week at school has been Kindness Week…

All week children have worn odd socks or funky tights to represent what is unique and special about ourselves and to remember to be proud of this.

On Monday we commemorated, as we remembered those lost in conflicts and World Wars. Year 5 and 6 went to Binsted to take part in a service lead by our Vicar Yann, and the rest of the community gathered back here at school.

On Tuesday children created their own Bully blocker pledges to think about how they can stop any unkind behaviours.

On Wednesday children reflected on which members of our school community are kind and fair. They also voted for those class members who represent our Bentley Values of ‘Faith, Love and Courage’.

On Thursday our children were taught about online safety at an age appropriate level.

Today we are celebrating being our ‘True selves’ and dressing to be happy and proud of ourselves, as inspired by Elmer the elephant, who delighted all the children when he made a surprise visit to collective worship this morning!

We celebrate all our differences and similarities in our school family.


Bentley Bonfire & BBQ

There was a phenomenal turnout to the Bentley Bonfire and Fireworks this year. The alien invasion did not disappoint and we were all wowed as the UFO landed and took off again! The music, narration and Bentley Defence Force did a wonderful job of entertaining everyone and deserve a huge well done.

The amazing 64 volunteers from the PTFA ...

James Aston, Shaz Barlow, Jamie Barlow, Steve Barnes, Debbie Bates, Eliza Bell, Robin Bingeman, Amy Bingham, Georgia Boston, Lucy Catchpole, Briony Cavell, Helen Chandler, Amber Chaplin, Kelly Chrascina, Vicki Coombs, Luke Correa, Sally Dando, Mark Desborough, Natalie Drew, Helen Driver, Hannah Dubreuil, Lucinda Edwards, Clare Faherty, Sarah Forbes, Caroline Foster, Barnaby Foster, Tim Garrett, Paul Goddard, Dilly Green, Tegan Hansen, Lucy Hilken, Sophie Ince, Frankie Jordan, Mandy Lanning, Alison Lopes, Craig Lucas, Katie Merriam, Cress Mizen, Jaysen Moita, Alex Oppenheim, Rosie Patterson, Ed Pinchess, Millie Powell, Barbs Sarling, Zoe Schafer, Seonaid Scott-Bromley, Tom Scott-Bromley, Sonia Siers, Diana Smallshaw, Vicky Soden, Sarah Stanley, Maria Stofanak, Sian Stratton-Brown, Nancy Stuart-Bruges, Kathy Thomson, Bernie Tierney, Juliette Treacher, Laura Wellstead, Millie Westlake, Carl Willson, Sam Wood, Sara Wood

...worked incredibly hard to provide food and sustenance for all. The 150 toffee apples sold out as did the BBQ food – WOW! A huge thank you to Kathleen Proud for masterminding the Bentley School teamwork – it went splendidly and has raised much needed funds for our school. Thank you everyone. 


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