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This week at Bentley...

The Infant Nativity was a real delight this week and I know how much the audiences enjoyed it because you told us! The children sang and danced beautifully, the narrators and actors performed brilliantly and it brought a lot of joy to everyone who saw it. Well done children and staff for all your hard work – it was terrific!

We also had our own election and hustings going on at school yesterday as the Year 4 class took up political roles and thought about what they would like to do if they lead the country. It was a great experience for them and also for the other children to take part in the voting. Well done Year 4.

Today I asked the children what have they learnt this term, that they didn’t know about in the summer term…

R - we can read sounds and even words now using our phonics!

1 – we are learning our times tables and have been practising them with TTRockstars.

2 – we have learnt how to code using the Hour of Code website. We can solve simple problems now.

3 – we have learnt the column method to add and subtract. If we get it wrong sometimes it is ok because this can help us work out our mistakes and get better at it the next time.

4 – we have learnt how to divide by 100 and we apply our tables facts to help us with division.

5 – we have learnt to perform on the stage ready for our play next week. We have practised our lines, rehearsed together and learnt strategies to get over any stage fright!

6 - we have been working hard on our class performances in music and are looking forward to singing at Pax Hill for the residents there next week.

The staff are gathering tonight for our Christmas celebrations and there will be a lot of dancing and fun. I hope that there is some fun in store for you too this weekend.

Mrs Pinchess, Headteacher



A few parents have reported some head lice this week and we are keen to stop these irritating bugs in their tracks. Please could you check your family this weekend and take action where needed. If you find head lice or eggs on anyone we recommend that you take action and that this needs to be repeated after seven days.  Click here for more advice on how best to treat them.



Thank you to the PTFA from EVERYONE for a fantastic Christmas Fair. This is what School Council thought…

“It was really fun!”

“I enjoyed Pin the nose on the reindeer.”

“I bought a present in the Secret Shop for my mum.”

“I liked ALL the toys!”

“Guess the bone was great – I hope that I might be the winner!”

“The Eco stall was really good.”

“I was lucky and went on a pony rides.”

“We all had a great time and went home with lots of Christmas goodies.”

In assembly this week we found out who had won the competition prizes.

  • Rose in Year 5 was just one guess away from the right number of Sweets in the Jar! Great estimation.
  • Bella in Year 2 won the giant Beanie Boo puppy.
  • Connor in Year 6 won the big teddy.
  • Georgia in Year 1 chose the right coordinate for the map challenge and won a big bar of chocolate.



We have a new idea for January 2020 which has come from two issues we have noticed over the last couple of years. Firstly, we know that the Junior children very rarely have a morning snack and we are aware that they can get very hungry in the morning. We have also been aware in school that children have less and less contact with money due to our cash free modern lives. Teaching mathematics and PSHE has made us aware that children have far less understanding of the coins, and the value, of money.

So…we have created a new break time ‘Snack Shop’ idea to start in January and we will be having a trial day this Friday before children go to church. We appreciate that children will need some support with this, and will learn many skills and responsibility from this. The snacks are entirely optional and we are still very happy for children to bring in their own fruit or vegetable snack from home to eat at breaks.

The Infant pupils will continue to receive a free piece of fruit or a vegetable snack so the ‘Snack Shop’ is just for the Junior pupils. The children may bring in their coins to pay and we suggest keeping the money in a small purse in their coat pocket. We have a limited amount of time for sales so only the correct coins will be accepted (sorry no change!). All snack options cost 30p and children may only buy one a day.



We were all so excited to hear our choir on Thursday morning on the radio – great work! Just in case you missed them you can still go onto the Eagle Radio website and hear them singing on ‘listen again’. They also delighted the residents at Pax Hill on Monday afternoon when they went to sing to them.



There are plans by Hampshire Highways and Bentley Parish Council for works to be carried out during the Christmas break this year.

The first, and fairly prominent, work will be the installation of 'dragons teeth' (wooden bollards) on the grass verges down School Lane.   Bentley Parish Council is taking this enforcement measure to help protect the verges, which are owned by BPC, from being destroyed by vehicles that continually park on them.  We know that the school have raised this with parents on numerous occasions over the years but unfortunately the verge has been very damaged and a manhole cover has been broken. 

There has been a request for enforced yellow line(s) down School Lane made and it is being considered by Hampshire Highways department and if this is agreed, this will take place during 2020. There will be a traffic warden patrolling this area and will serve a penalty notice to motorists parking on them.



This week Year 4 got in on the excitement of the general election by holding a mock election for the Juniors.

The children formed political parties, decided on a name and a set of policies and then wrote them up in manifestos. Each party member then had a special job to help get their message across: we had speech writers, campaign leaders, question advisers, rosette designers and, of course, a candidate.

We held well-attended hustings in the pouring rain of the playground on Wednesday lunchtime, where all of the candidates spoke powerfully about their policies and answered questions from their 'public'. We were all very impressed by the range of issues covered from the environment to health and homelessness.

We had a turnout of 67% at the polls during lunchtime yesterday after which the voting papers were checked and counted by the class, looked on from a distance by the candidates.

I can officially announce that the election was won by Chase representing the 'In Need Of Homes Party'.

Official results can be viewed in full later on the Hansard Society website by clicking here.