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This week at Bentley

I am writing this as Year 6 prepare to leave for church and there is a lovely end of term calm around the school. It has been a very successful term with many wonderful highlights for the whole school. We have been delighted in the last few weeks to have cards and catch ups with secondary schools and the parents of pupils who left us from Year 6 in the summer term, and it has been brilliant to hear how ready they were and how well they are doing in their new schools. It is their super academic results which are reported in the national data which I hope that you have seen. In Governors and our Senior Leadership meetings we analyse each cohort’s results and we always conclude that it is each and every year which ‘matters’. These results are thanks to the high quality first teaching Bentley pupils received throughout their school education and are a credit to our wonderful staff.

I must say a big well done to all the junior classes who were involved in the wonderful production of ‘Christmas is Forever’. The singing and dancing from the whole cast was absolutely terrific and there were some amazing performances from the actors. A really lovely performance and the resilience, bravery and enjoyment on display was absolutely wonderful to see.

Bentley pupils have performed for the residents of both local care homes over the last two weeks and Mrs Miffling asked me to mention how impressed she was by the excellent social skills of choir as they chatted politely and with interest to the older folk.

I hope that the next two weeks bring some rest and recharging time to everyone and I look forward to seeing you all back to school in 2020!

Happy Christmas from Mrs Pinchess 


Thank you…

… to everyone who bought raffle tickets at the plays over the last couple of weeks – a huge £626 has been added to the PTFA pot! Thanks also to Jo Dobson for selling them before each performance.

... to the parents, carers and children for the kind gifts, cards and end of term verbal thanks to the staff. These are all very much appreciated.


Tuck Shop

Our healthy tuck shop options will continue in the new year. If your Junior child would like to buy a snack please ensure they have a purse with the correct change in in to buy their snack at playtime.  Each snack is 30p and each child may buy one snack.  Water is always available and of course the infants will have their free piece of fruit or a vegetable snack as usual.



Please check your child’s Scopay account to ensure all lunches, any day trips and attendance at breakfast club and afternoon club for this term have been paid.  Please note all lunches should be paid in advance.  Next term lunches will be £67.20 up to half term and £139.20 for the whole term to Easter. 


School uniform

Please return all PE clean and ready for the first day back. Remember to check that trainers in PE kit still fit before we come back. This holiday always seems to be one where you spot how much the children have grown! We would be grateful if any holey jumpers could be mended or replaced.  Our second hand school uniform will reopen in the second week of term.


Goodbye and Good luck to…

Mrs Kerry Krempel who has worked at our school for four years and in Year 5 and 4 this term. Kerry is taking up a new role as the Afterschool club lead at Binsted CE Primary next term. We will miss her enthusiasm, kindness and creativity hugely at school and we had all better get preparing props now for the next junior play without her expertise (and wardrobe!). We wish you all the best and we are glad that we will be able to keep in touch as you are working in the cluster.


St Mary’s Church

Well done to Year 6 for leading a super Christmas Service. They performed beautifully and it was a lovely service. A big thank you to Yann, Hannah, Steve and the rest of the team who made us all so welcome today. 

Our collection at church today was for the NSPCC, the UK's leading charity fighting to end child abuse.  With over 90% of the NSPCC's income coming from donations, we know they will be very appreciative of the £283.83 raised by you today.

Thank you for your generosity.