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This week at Bentley...

A rather drizzly, grey week but good for all the gardens, plus our lovely rainbow planters which are looking fantastic outside school – have a walk or cycle past to admire them if you can.  I came into school early one morning and saw a deer and an owl en route and then a snuffling hedgehog by the staff car park which was a real pleasure!

I think it would be fair to say this week’s theme was ‘TIRED’. We have reached a point in lockdown where we would all like a break. In school and in virtual school staff have struggled this week. We all note working under all the required expectations makes us all more on edge and, whether it is sleep and anxiety related, or simply lockdown fatigue, everyone I have spoken to in education is on their knees this week. Not long now to the end of term and fortunately we have some fun plans ahead for our last few days…

In school this week;

Bubble 1 Tiger Bubble have shown great teamwork whilst making a fire station out of the big bricks. They have enjoyed role play about what to do in a fire; calling the alarm and rescuing one another!

Bubble 2 Lego Jaguars have really impressed me with their resilience and determination to do their best in English this week, even though they are all feeling tired! Miss Smith.

Bubble 3 G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time) Bubble have been working well as a team to create class TikTok dances. They have displayed courage, teamwork and dedication, really supporting one another to try hard. 

Bubble 4 Bubble Wrap group have written some lovely observations about the Little Alien Beegu who was lost. They have displayed good language and empathy.

Bubble 5 the ‘Best bubble’ have worked really hard in maths with Year 4 solving tricky perimeter problems and Year 3 solving tricky money problems.

Bubble 6 Bubble Gum group have worked hard this week writing, editing and designing a tiger fact file. The class were all so proud of their own perseverance and delighted in how their hard work paid off.

And at Virtual school;

Year 2 - Some great examples of hard work and resilience working with money in maths this week. Great problem solving everyone!

Year 3 - I am proud of Year 3's creative and sensitive responses to the poem 'Where My Wellies Take Me' by Clare and Michael Morpurgo. The class were asked to go for a walk and then record what they could see, touch, hear and smell on the way.

Year 4 have shown great determination in tackling perimeter and area head-on this week, and in particular when carrying out maths investigation challenges.

Year 5 have demonstrated to me again and again this week that they are growing in independence and maturity, finding their own way to complete tasks using their strengths.

We are sorry we cannot welcome parents into school today for our Open Afternoon, but hope those at home have taken the time to have a look through Seesaw, to pick some excellent work for the teachers to print and save in their books ready for the start of the new school year. We have seen some brilliant work being done both in school and virtually and children have continued to make good progress – well done! Celebrate the mistakes as well as the wow moments – it is ALL part of learning!

Mrs Pinchess, Headteacher



Year 6 Parents please remember – For those Key Worker Year 6 pupils in Bubble 3 on Wednesday 15th this is your final day before ‘re-bubbling’!

All Year 6 Pupils will be back to school on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st July for our Super Leaver’s sessions (please see email from Mrs Miffling sent today)

School will close to all other children on Friday 17th July. Virtual School with Seesaw will close on Friday 17th too. We have three special activity day planners coming out to you for;

Monday 20th – History Day

Tuesday 21st – Science Day

Wednesday 22nd – French Day

We know that your children will enjoy these activity days and we would love to see any photos from their work and fun.

Thursday 23rd – first day of the summer holidays! Hooray!



We know that many of you have been asking about dropping off Peace poles and library books before the summer, but more importantly how to say Goodbye to Miss Kirby who leaves us after seven years here at Bentley. So we have a very creative socially distanced plan…!

There is a slot for each year group to come onto the playground. Miss Kirby will have a socially distanced table set up and would LOVE to see anyone who can pop by to say hello!

We will also tables set out under the covered area by the sports hall with any items which have been left in school since lockdown (medications, PE bags, the one stray guitar etc) PLUS your child’s workbooks from this year. Please come and collect these or nominate a friend to do this for you!

You can drop off;

  • Library and reading books (please dig them ALL out!)
  • Peace poles (see the foot of this page for all the details)

You are also welcome to drop off;

  • Unwanted or outgrown school uniform to the PTFA shed – be an ECO hero! (please remove name tags and ensure that items are clean)
  • Clean plastic milk bottle tops
  • Stamps
  • Used batteries



As you know Mr Leo Maliphant leaves us for new adventure this term. If any parent or child would like to pass a message to him please email them into school or pop a card into the black post box on the vehicle access gate before Monday 20th July. Mr Maliphant will be leaving Alton with Mrs Esme Maliphant! Esme is also teacher and she and Leo are getting married tomorrow. We wish them all the very best for their lives ahead together! 

Mrs Andrea Gallagher who has worked in the office four afternoons a week this academic year will also be leaving us this term. Andrea has exciting plans ahead with both of her children having (rescheduled) weddings coming up. We wish Andrea all the very best and thank her for her work this year both at school and virtually at home.

We also have our final member of staff appointed now. Our new SEND Leader, Mrs Liz Rhodes will be starting with us in September. Liz joins us form a large school in London and will be bringing a huge amount of experience to her role. She will be our SEND Leader but also cover Year 4 on Mondays when Mr Goddard is not in school.

We are so sad to be saying our ‘goodbyes’, but also look forward to the ‘hellos’ coming up too!



3rd and 4th September 2020

27th November 2020

4th January 2021

9th July 2021



…Willow, Scarlet and Olivia! We are sorry the whole school couldn’t all sing Happy Birthday in collective worship as we usually would, but Bubble Group 3 have sung it instead :)  You can download it from the foot of this page.

We hope you enjoyed your birthdays!



We just wanted to give you a little bit of advanced notice for the Bentley Flower Show entries for children to get involved with at home. As you might know, there is usually a category for each year group at the Flower Show based upon the areas they have been learning in the second half of the summer term. We think it would be a lovely opportunity to touch upon these topics and have a fantastic end to the Summer term's fun learning.

Here are the categories:

Year R - An international-themed collage

Year 1 - Castles (cereal box size)

Year 2 - Model beach huts (cereal box size)

Year 3 - A Roman style mosaic

Year 4 - A design for a Viking artefact (this can be a paper design and does not need to be a made artefact)

Year 5 - An Egyptian style mask

Year 6 - A boat (possibly the one they have already made)

We will be inviting the children to post a photograph of their finished item on Seesaw next Wednesday 15th July. We plan to make an online exhibition of the photographs as well as share them to their classmates on Seesaw. We hope that the extra notice for this activity will give you time to collect materials and plan the build! Have fun if your children would like to get creative and take part.



About this time of year representatives from Alton Library visit school to promote the summer reading challenge.  The great news is that the challenge is still going ahead and there are lots of books that are available online for children (and adults) to read.  If you would like to know more about the summer reading challenge please click here or visit the website by clicking here.  Happy reading everyone!