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This week at Bentley...

We have had a very enjoyable week at school with the Book Fair, Christmas hamper donations day and the INSET day looming tomorrow. The children have been telling me about their exciting plans for the weekend with a lot of Advent preparations for baking, Christmas card making and some family time. The staff training this INSET has been focussed on our first aid training and SEND.

We are looking forwards to the start of Advent this Sunday and the 1st of December on Tuesday when school will become a whirlwind of glitter, rehearsals and Christmas joy! We are looking forward to it.

As you will be aware, we did not do our usual food bank collection at Harvest, as our Collective Service with Yann was virtual this year. We know many people locally are depending on this fantastic local charity so we are creating a class Advent collection for the food bank. If you are already committed to other charities or a Family Advent Collection at home don’t worry at all, but if your child would like to, they can bring in an item of food (cans or dried only!) in their book bag any day from 1st December to the 16th. I have suggested they might go to their own piggy banks and ask you to buy them something to bring in to make it more significant to them in feeling that they have helped someone else. You can choose to bring in just one item or one each week to add to the class collection. The school will deliver it all to the food bank.

Mrs Pinchess, Headteacher


Clubs News

All our teacher led clubs have now finished and CMSports’ last football session will be on Wednesday 2nd December.  Breakfast Club will continue until the end of term and the last After School Club will be on Thursday 17th December.



for all the fabulous hamper donations on Tuesday. Raffle tickets will go on sale next week to win one of the super hampers!

…The School Nurse Team asked us to pass on their thanks for the great support they received from parents, children and staff at Bentley. The Southern Health Team at the NHS had some information to share;

“The School-Age Immunisation (SAI) team have been out and about across Hampshire vaccinating children in the eligible cohorts from the beginning of October. As of the 12th November a total of 50,998 children have been vaccinated which is around 40% of Hampshire pupils. In total, the teams have visited 331 schools since starting the flu programme.

We have also started community clinics for each area for pupils who may have missed the vaccination in school, Electively Home Educated children orFor several years, NHS healthcare teams have been providing flu vaccinations to children in special and primary schools. This year, the programme has been extended to include Year 7 pupils in secondary schools.

Peak influenza activity generally occurs in January or February, and it takes 10 to 14 days following vaccination before an immune response and protection develop. The school immunisation teams are working hard to ensure that sufficient immunisation clinics will be available so that children can receive vaccinations before flu starts to circulate. For children who are at risk because they have an underlying health condition, it is very important that they get the flu vaccine for their protection. These at-risk children are also eligible to receive the vaccination in general practice if the school session is late in the season, parents prefer it, or they missed the session at school and for those who returned the e-consent form after the deadline date”.

You can contact us via school if you would like to request a flu vaccine.


Christmas Post

The Christmas post box will be at the school office from Tuesday 1st December for children to post Christmas cards for anyone at school.  Post will be collected from the post box and quarantined for 48 hours before being delivered on 7th, 14th and 17th.  Please ensure the name (and surname if there are two children with the same first name in the class) and class are written clearly on the envelope so our super Elves can deliver them to the correct recipient.  The final day for posting is 14th December.


PTFA Birthday Bonanza

Next Friday is the Year 3 Birthday Bonanza – invitations will come home with the children next week.  There will be music, dancing and party games and they may bring ‘party clothes’ to change into at school before the party – please ensure they are named and in a named bag.  This is a fundraising event and if you would like your child to have a party bag at the end, please go to and order one.  They are £5 each. 


Cookbooks are still on sale...

...on the PTFA website - you can click here to order one for £10


Christmas Production DVDs...

... go on sale tomorrow.  They cost £15 and will a delight of festiveness - two productions, music, dancing and singing - something from all our classes.  Click here to order yours.