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This week at Bentley...

The British weather is keeping us all on our toes this week and a reminder to ensure that all children have waterproof coats/a packed cagoule in their bag every day!

Thank you for all the support and lovely messages about The One Show. We originally signed up for Lexplore because of the unique way it allows us to get inside the process of reading for each individual child. Whilst we have always supported every pupil with reading, this technology continues to help us get to the ‘tricky bit’ for an individual and plan more effective support where it is required.

As we start to get back into normal routines after COVID restrictions please do not forget to support good reading habits, aiming for at least ‘five reads a week’. At Bentley we are firm believers that we need to work with grown-ups at home to help every child to become a confident reader ready for secondary learning and life beyond this. As parents and carers, your child needs you to take an interest and sign off their reading diary every week please. You can help them to develop a love of reading by;

  • reading to them as well as hearing them read (whatever age they are!)
  • helping them to decode and talk about interesting new vocabulary (try to note these down, use them or come back to them another day to help new words ‘stick’ in the memory)
  • reading and listening to stories (on CD or on audible etc). These can be ‘harder’ texts which they could not read independently or old favourites to enjoy.
  • reading for reference and for purpose; following instructions online, using diagrams or from a cookbook 
  • try tongue twisters or games to read sounds. Encourage Junior children to use the correct alphabet names rather than the phonetic sound if they can.
  • Choose books for enjoyment and as a treat – they might like to choose a pocket money priced book from the Scholastic catalogue – click here to browse

The MOST important thing is for children to enjoy reading. Reading is a good habit, like brushing your teeth, and the more regularly children do it the better it sticks.

Whatever you may be up to this Bank holiday weekend, I hope it is fun. We humans may require some umbrellas but the gardens will be grateful if the forecast is accurate…!

Mrs Katy Pinchess, Headteacher


In memory of Jo Dobson

The Bentley Community has been keen to show respect to Brian Dobson and to offer support Scarlet at this very difficult time for the family. It is often hard to know how to help and community neighbour Ursula Etherington has spoken to Scarlet and set up a fund which staff, parents and friends of the school are very welcome to donate to, however small a donation, it will all add up. Jo did so much for the PTFA and this legacy supports all of our children at Bentley, even if you did not know Jo yourself, you may wish to make a small donation to show support and respect. As a school, the value of Love is key and at this time Scarlet and her family really need our community support and Love. Feel free to reach out in a more personal way if that is more affordable or appropriate for you. A home cooked meal or a card expressing your best wishes may be your contribution and as a School our Love will most certainly mean a lot to Brian and Scarlet at this time.

The fund might just enable Brian to take the family away on a break or get some childcare support as required. Brian is Scarlet’s grandfather and her now her only carer. 

The link is here:


Sports this term

It is with great sadness we have decided it will not be appropriate to host a Sports Day this term due to the COVID situation. We know this will be disappointing for parents and families and we are planning ways to share our in-school events with you through photos and videos. Sport remains a very important part of Bentley school life and children are currently learning and practising their skills in our athletics and rounders lessons in the Juniors and orienteering in the Infants this half term.

No Sports Day does not mean that children will not be competing; Sports Leader, Miss Wiggins, has inspired the whole school to get extremely active this term with a whole range of athletics and games. She is also working on a programme of competition events - both interschool and externally too. We will have some more exciting opportunities coming up over the term, but we hope your children came home and told you all about the brilliant day of Netball and Dance this week?

Miss Wiggins organised for ‘Complete Coaching’ to come in - the children were excited to be taught some super skills by Miss Wiggins’ netball coach and had lots of fun learning some hip-hop dance moves!

Miss Wiggins said. “The children all worked really hard, learnt some great skills and showed some amazing team spirit in games. Both coaches were amazed by ALL the children’s ability, how polite they were and how they gave everything a go! Go team Bentley!”

After such a busy week of lessons we are sending home PE kits for a wash over the long bank holiday weekend. Please return them to school on Tuesday.


Thank you…

…to the Jeffs family for the donation of books

…to the Aston family for educational toys and sports equipment

…to everyone who has handed in good quality school uniform


The One Show

We were delighted with the feedback from many parents and the wider community about the piece on The One Show which aired on Monday evening.  The children, parents and staff members who were filmed on the day all did our school proud!  If you missed it, you can catch up here


After School Club

We have added a further time-slot for our popular After School Club.  You may now select a 4.15pm – 5.15pm session. The cost for this session is £6 and includes a light tea. Bookings can be made via by midnight the day before the provision is required.



The return of the cake sales!

We are delighted the PTFA are starting cake sales again!  From next Friday and for every Friday for the next seven weeks, one year group will be selling delicious homemade and shop bought cakes and biscuits from 2.45pm until 3.15pm.  Their table will be set up opposite the school so parents will be able to choose something as they queue to collect their children at the end of the day.  In order to keep everyone as safe as possible, the sale will close just before the children come out of school.  Please ensure you maintain a social distance, wear your face mask and bring change – we will have a bucket for donations.

All the money raised at the cake sales will go to the class hosting to spend on whatever they wish – so please support your child's year group by donating something delicious!  You’ll be able to buy yummy treats on the following dates:

Year 6 – 7th May             Year 5 – 14th May

Year 4 – 21th May             Year 3 – 28th May

Year 2 – 11th June             Year 1 – 18th June

Year R – 25th June