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We’ve been on a trip….

On Thursday, Year 4 went to the Gilbert White Outdoor Centre to find out all about rivers.

We found out that clay is waterproof, which helps to keep the water in the rivers.  We learned that towns and villages usually grow up around rivers, because the people used to get water and food from rivers.  Selborne has a brickworks which uses the clay to make bricks.

Once we had moved the cows away, we were able to start our work at the river.  We measured how wide the river was and raced plastic ducks to see how fast the water was flowing.  We did a ‘Wiggle Dance’ to catch the water creatures so that we could look at them.

It was lots of fun, and some of us got a bit wet.  We also found a geocache at the Church!

We would like to thank Emily at GWOC for leading a great, fun day.

Year 4