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This week at Bentley...

Thank you for all the lovely messages and thanks to staff regarding our super Bfest last Saturday. Apart from the rain starting just at the end, it was a perfect day. The children performed brilliantly, the PTFA stalls were superb, the Well-being tent was wonderful and the Year 5 and 6 stalls kept everyone thoroughly entertained. Bravo to everyone involved and a huge well done to Mrs Proud for masterminding the whole event and creating so many special memories for all of our children! Please see the thank you list below.

Of course, there has been a lot going on in school this week too. End of year assessments have been underway and teachers have been busy writing individual reports, all getting ready to report to you by the end of term. I took four Year 6 mathematicians to a very prestigious maths event held for all schools in East Hants. We were paired with Eggar’s and our children worked brilliantly as a team together. We have enjoyed having so many parents to our special activities in class and hope you have enjoyed it too.

Next week Year 6 are off to Calshot but are back for ‘Move Up Day’ on Friday when each class meets their new teacher. For any parents of our Year 6 Leavers who are going to other schools than Eggars or Amery, please send them in as usual.

Next weekend it is the ‘Bombay to Bentley’ bike ride. A big thank you to Ben Bingham for leading this event and to the team supporting him to do this. If you are not cycling but are free to help with the welcome back, the BBQ and bar, the sign-up sheets will be outside school next week. Thanks in advance for helping with this, we can’t do these events without every family’s support over the year.

In the classes this week…

Year R had a fun school visit to Alice Holt forest, walking over a mile of the Superworm trail to inspire their writing back in class!

Year 1 have been making great progress in their mathematics with partitioning, using maths equipment to help understand tens and ones. 

Year 2 loved their swashbuckling pirate day linked to all their courageous sea faring reading texts!

Year 3 had a super Roman adventure and learnt a lot at Fishbourne Roman Palace

Year 4 really impressed everyone with their chef skills - chopping, grating and creating their own salads

Year 5 got artsy using tie-dye to create some wonderful tote bag designs

Year 6 worked brilliantly in teams to create wonderful designs to build model playgrounds for their Design Technology topic.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Pinchess, Headteacher


A few reminders…

  • We still expect children to be in school uniform until the end of term. This includes black school shoes (no sandals with open toes please, as this is not safe for playing in the woods area).
  • The Lost Property cupboard is overflowing and there are over 30 unnamed jumpers and cardigans in there which have not been claimed. Please have an inventory check at home then come and claim missing items by the end of next week when we will be having a sort out!
  • We allowed the children to keep tattoos and nail polish from Bfest this week. Please remove it for school by Sunday ready for the last few weeks of term!
  • A big thank you for all the junk modelling items. Our cupboard is now full so no more this term thank you.


Thank you …

…everyone who came to Bfest and took part. Well done to all the performers – you were AMAZING!

A special thanks…

…to Kathleen Proud, Sarah Cordina, Cat Ogden, Sara Wood, and to all the class reps for their support in the planning, set up, running and disbanding!

…to all the staff who helped – and a special thank you to teachers for leading your class performances and to Mrs Patey and Mrs Blake for singing so beautifully. A BIG thanks to Mr Lucas for all your hard work before and after, but also with the BBQ.

…to all the families who volunteered – the Battisons, the Desboroughs, the Doels, the Edwards, the Lainchburys, the Meaghers, the Osmans, the Phillips, the Pryces, the Pritchards, the Bingemans, the Binghams, the Brigstockes, the Clarks, the Dalys, the Davies, the Elliotts, the Forbes, the Hannaths, the Hedges, the Jadrans, the Lydons, the Randalls, the Ryans, the Scottons, the Stuart-Bruges, the Cavanoughs, the Keightleys, the Oppenheims, the Prouds, the Wellsteads, the Westlakes the Akoshiles, the Astons, the Cavells, the Halls, the Hammertons, the Pattersons, the Punchers, the Robinsons, the Willsons, the Arthurs, the Barneses, the De Sousas, the Eagles, the Frenchs, the Greens, the Hawkes, the Tailford-Haynes, the Williams, the Annibles, the Eagle Bates, the Fays, the Millers, the Nonhebels, the Pawleys, the Sarlings, the Stofanaks, the Barkers, the Bells, the Bostons, the Inces, the Ormonds and the Thomsons. I know MANY of you did several shifts and we thank you so much for your hard work in volunteering to make this happen. Apologies in advance if we accidentally missed anyone off our thank you list!

… and to Pauline Hawkes and Elise Cavanough for spending the entire morning in school on Monday counting all the cash – it was a mammoth task!

If you were not able to help on this occasion please do volunteer to help on site at school for the Bike Ride returners or for the Bentley fete. Every bit helps to ease the load and supports school projects. 



We have some unclaimed prizes!  Please could a member of the Sarah David, Kay Taylor, Cavanough, Riches, Meagher, Forbes, Pawley, Clarke, Hall, Rhonda, Eagle, Nancy, Roach, Bingham and Eastwood family please come into the school office to collect your raffle prizes by the end of the day on Wednesday next week (or send in a friend to collect them for you!).


Moderation Feedback

There are tight procedures in place for all tests and checks completed in classes. The DfE set out examination expectations and we follow these rigorously. Hampshire County Council are tasked with checking with drop in monitoring and also moderation of results. This year it was the turn of Year 6 teacher assessments in writing to be checked here at Bentley. We are delighted to say the two moderators agreed entirely with Mrs Mifflings’ judgements and they were happy to sign off her assessments. Well done Mrs Miffling, Mr Goddard and Mr Fay for all your hard work in ensuring our pupils had excellent writing opportunities throughout the school year. It is worth noting, Governors always comment the outcomes required for ‘ARE’ (age related expectations) are rigorous, but those for ‘GDS’ (Greater Depth Standard) are incredibly impressive.


Year 6 are off on an adventure…

… to the Calshot Activity Centre in Southampton where they will enjoy a range of fantastic water sports, team building activities and exciting challenges in the amazing facilities. You can keep up with their news from the residential visit by checking out the blog, which will be updated daily.  Here’s the link…


Bombay to Bentley bike ride

Thanks to some super organising by Ben Bingham, all the logistics are in place and our riders are ready – all we need now is some more sponsorship!  If you don’t know anyone who is riding the gruelling 58km course, we suggest you sponsor Mrs Bingham. Her employer, DTCC, have generously pledged to double any sponsorship she receives – you can sponsor her at this link.


Click here to find out what’s happening next week and

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