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this week at Bentley......

We suggest asking children to empty any special (ssh…Mother’s Day!) items from their book bags when they get home today. Thank you to the teachers for their Blue Peter-style inspirations and for helping create something handmade by your child, all done with a lot of LOVE.

It has been a chilly but busy week at school with the headteacher interviews taking place. Thank you to all the Governors, Diocese and Local Authority staff for all their hard work during this process. Thank you to staff and pupils for their involvement too. We hope to hear news from the Governors next week.

Time is rushing by fast as we head towards the Easter holiday. Please do not forget to sign your children up for the Easter Bunny run on Monday 27th March. All children will participate in the fun run/hop! So we very much hope that all their families will be happy to make a £3 donation to pay for a chocolate treat and bunny ears for the runners. If you would like to go a step further and seek sponsorship and extra donations too, that would be an AMAZING way to support the PTFA and pay for special events and school resources for all pupils.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated. Head to and see the poster below for more details.

This week in the classrooms…

Year R loved creating their super, secret Mother's Day gifts.

Year 1 had great fun using all their senses to explore our school, including sniffing and walking with bare feet!

Year 2 were keen to find objects that could be pushed and pulled as part of their 'forces' topic.

Year 3 enjoyed sharing their learning with parents and carers in their class assembly.

Year 4 have been collecting lots of interesting facts about polar animals, ready to create their own written piece on their chosen one.

Year 5 have had their engineering hats on learning all about pulleys, levers and gears in science.

Year 6 worked really hard on finding the area and volume of 3D shapes in Maths.

Sadly, the forecast seems to be remaining rather grey and chilly but do enjoy the spring flowers, have a super weekend and a very happy Mothering Sunday too.

Mrs Pinchess,


Dance Festival at Amery Hill

On Friday 10th March, a fantastic group of enthusiastic dancers represented Bentley School at a Dance Festival along with seven other schools. Miss Pidden enjoyed dancing to the warm-up movements and there may even be some video evidence somewhere...
As a group, everyone followed instructions to create a dance around the theme of 'escape' to the Mission Impossible theme tune. The final presentation was amazing, with jumps, handstands, still moments, the splits, dives and rolls, and Lexi did really well with her wrist in a cast!

Yoghurt pots

All children will need a clean ‘yoghurt type pot (the bigger size if possible) for a planting activity this coming week at school. Other plastic pots would work too (e.g. cream, hummus etc.). Please send in as many washed out pots as you can as we need over 200! If you have time, please can an adult poke some holes in the bottom to help with drainage. This would be much appreciated.

Decorate the school for our party, with your kindness week homework.

All homework to be delivered to school by Friday 24th March at drop off to decorate the school for the party. We can’t wait to see what the children create!

Year group

Design brief

Option ideas


Easter egg patterns

Decorate a big or small 2-d Easter egg shape with patterns. Do it however you wish, for example use paints, crayons, stamps or felt tips. It can be as easy or complicated as you want!


Spring bunting

Children may do a repeated pattern or draw/paint/collage spring symbols. Mrs Scott-Bromley is putting a template on Seesaw but you can also choose to make your own.


Make believe 3d garden

This could be for fairies, Lego people, Pokémon figures r on whatever theme children choose! Make the garden from any material (it can be using real twigs, moss and leaves but could easily be other materials from plasticine to Lego).


Nature collage

Create a collage (whatever size you like!) on a theme of nature; it could be an animal, a landscape or even the planet!


Polar animal scene

Make a 3d scene with polar animals of your choice. For example, it could be paper craft or a puppet design in a cereal box, it could be made of clay or Lego. All your choice.


3d Easter junk modelling

Getting really creative we are combining Year 5’s environmental learning to use junk items to create something beautiful to celebrate Easter…a bunny made out of an old Coke bottle? A cross from waste cardboard? An Easter egg made out of plastic waste? Of course we welcome any other ideas too!


Art to reflect Lent

A free choice to create a piece of artwork to show our learning about Easter and Lent. The class were brimming with ideas from watercolours of St Mary’s to creating a 3d cross or a cartoon-style version of the Easter story.


























Are you looking for a job that fits in with school hours?  We are looking for a helper in our school kitchen. Please see the flyer on the community page Click here.


Please see the Parish Election posting Click here.



There are all sorts of exciting events coming up so do please check the PTFA web page.

The PTFA has a new Instagram account! Follow and keep up to date via this link:


⭐️Mrs Pinchess’ leaving party 🎉 

Friday 24th March 3:15- 6pm 

There will be bouncy castles, BBQ, Bar and kids’ refreshments 🍭 

All the money raised on the day will be going to the PTFA funds. 

It will be a fun afternoon 🥳🎉 

There is a collection pot link -


This is an online money collection platform. All money raised will go towards a gift for Mrs Pinchess to take with her and also a legacy gift in her name for the school 😁 

The event is open to anyone 😁

There will also be a thank you/memory book out on the day for messages to be left for her and also a gift presentation at some point in the evening. 


**Bentley Bike Ride**

Saturday 1st July

Join us for this exciting event and ride 30km along The Shipwrights Way.  Last year the bike ride raised over £7000!

Here is a launch video explaining the event and how to enter. The launch video refers to this Google Form