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this week at Bentley....

The weeks really are whizzing by!  I can’t believe it’s Friday again already with only one more week to go before half-term!  There has been more great learning in each class this week and lots of opportunities for the children to take their learning outdoors or off site.

Year R went on a walk to the shop and the park on Thursday, Year 3 have been enjoying their swimming lessons at Alton Sports Centre, Mrs Matthews took a team of players to the Dodgeball event at Eggar’s and, as I write this, the children are excitedly waiting for the start of the disco later this afternoon. 

I’ve heard lots about the outfits the children are planning to wear and the songs they would like to dance to!  A big thank you to the PTFA for organising this event and to those of you who have volunteered your time to help out.  We really can’t provide all of these wonderful events for our lovely children without your help so thank you.

Mrs Miffling

Acting Head Teacher


A few reminders…

  • Children are not permitted to wear jewellery to school unless for religious or medical reasons.
  • Children are allowed to wear a small pair of stud earrings if they have their ears pierced.  No hoops or large earrings please.  Children must remove their earrings or cover them with tape when they have PE.  This is for health and safety reasons.
  • Children are allowed to wear a watch, but this must not be internet enabled or have the ability to take photographs or play games.
  • Children are not allowed to wear nail varnish to school.
  • All children should have a green school book-bag.  Rucksacks/backpacks are not allowed
  • Only water in waterbottles – no flavoured water, fizzy drinks or squash
  • Sorry, but we are unable to hand out birthday invitations or sweets in the classroom


Year 2’s visit to the SeaCity Museum

Last week Year 2 went to the SeaCity Museum in Southampton to learn all about the Titanic. We had a great time! There was a big wall with information about all the crew members on it.  We had a tour and learned about a lady called Violet Jessop who went on to become a nurse after she saved a baby on the Titanic.  We also did four activities.  In one of the activities we had to smell the different smells on the Titanic.  One smelled of cheesy feet which was the smell of the gym.  It was the best trip ever!

Written by Amelie - Year 2


Dodgeball at Eggar’s

I had so much fun at Eggar’s school while playing dodgeball!  There were four schools and each school did really well.  Bentley had great teamwork and I enjoyed it the most when the rest of the team were supporting me.

During dodgeball we had to split into two teams.  Whenever you were sitting on the bench you could strategise and talk about your tactics, which helped me a lot!  I was also encouraged by everyone’s wise words.  As well as dodgeball being a competition, it was a really fun and energetic game.  That is the most important thing to remember.  Bentley definitely remembered this, as we were all having so much fun!  Overall, I had an amazing time and I would recommend dodgeball to anyone. 

Thank you to Mrs Matthews for taking us.

Written by Poppy – Year 6



This week’s whole school attendance is 95.6%

The government sets a target of 95% for primary schools and our governors have set a target of 98% for our school.  Achieving an attendance rate of 95% means that your child would have had approximately ten days of absence throughout the year; this is considered to be a significant loss to learning.

The class with the best attendance this week is…Year 2!



With MUCH excitement, Break the Rules Day is back next Friday 9th February. 

Slips of paper containing the list of rules that can be broken will have come home in book bags today.

Children can choose which rules they’d like to break (they don’t have to break any if they don’t want to). 

Pay 50p per broken rule, cash only. 

Please send coins in with the rule-breaking children on Friday. 

The kids absolutely love this day… but sorry teachers!


Following feedback from parents regarding volunteering and having more notice of the dates where help is needed, we have made signup sheets for all the remaining events this term. Please have a look and see if you’re able to help. 

Leap Event - Thurs 29th Feb 

Golden Ticket - 5th, 7th, 8th March.

Pizza delivery - Fri 8th March.

Film/Games - Fri 15th March 

Thank you in advance!

We would like to make some hamper prizes for the children to win at our golden ticket event. Do you have a children’s item you’re willing to donate? 

Games, new toys, colouring books, sweets... Please leave any donations in the box by the gate by Friday 9th Feb. Thank you for your help!


Bentley PTFA (Parents, Teachers & Friends association)

Visit the PTFA website by clicking here


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