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this week at Bentley.....

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and enjoyed some well-deserved time off with your families. We had a wonderful break – even though the rain appeared to follow us wherever we went!

It has been a busy first week back here at Bentley Primary School, with lots of exciting things happening. Visiting classes, there was a wonderful range of learning taking place. Some of our Key Stage 2 classes had great fun investigating different types of poetry. Hopefully, when they have finished creating their own, we can share them with you via our school Facebook page. 

In our staff meeting this week, we had a subject leader takeover where each member of staff shared with me how they have been improving the teaching and learning in their respective subjects so far this year. It was inspiring to see everyone so passionate and dedicated to their areas of expertise, with fantastic ideas on how to move forward and continue to raise standards across the school. One of the key areas the school has been working on this year is to improve our phonics data. Over the last couple of INSET days, staff have been involved in training for our phonics scheme ‘read write inc’. Last term, our county LLP (Lead Learning Practitioner) came and observed our phonics teaching and she was very impressed with what she saw – which is brilliant!

As we enter the summer term, there are so many exciting events to look forward to here at Bentley. From B-Fest to residentials and school trips, there is plenty to keep us all busy and engaged. I have already seen children practising their sports day skills, and I am eagerly anticipating the day when Bentley comes together to showcase their talents and sportsmanship – it is certainly one of my favourite days in the school calendar.

Our Year 6 children have returned after the break with a fantastic attitude towards their learning. They have been working incredibly hard in preparation for their upcoming SATs tests, and we are all extremely proud of their dedication and commitment – well done Year 6.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mrs. Rhodes on her incredible achievement of running the Manchester Marathon last weekend. Not only did she complete the race in an amazing time, but she also managed to return to school on Monday and get up the stairs to teach Year 6 as well as lead PE in the afternoon. What a remarkable feat!

Let's hope for some kind weather this term so that all of our outdoor activities can be enjoyed to the fullest.



This week’s whole school attendance is 94.16%

Although the government sets a target of 95% for primary schools, our governors have set a target of 98% for our school.  This is because an attendance rate of 95% still means that your child would have had approximately ten days of absence throughout the year; this is considered to be a significant loss to learning.

The class with the best attendance this week is year 6, with 97.97%.



To Jessica in year 6 and her family for looking after our school guinea pigs so well over the half-term.  They had a lovely holiday!




Does anyone have theatre/show tickets or programmes Year R could borrow? We need to look at some before creating our own for a special event we are planning for next half-term. I realise that these are often very precious keepsakes, so I will photocopy any that are sent in and return the originals immediately rather than having the real ones out in the classroom!

Thank you.

Seonaid Scott-Bromley

Reception class teacher



Clubs start on Monday next week. Please make sure you have paid on ScoPay and your child knows which clubs they are attending.

Monday – Boppin, Nature Reserve Club, (yr. 5 and 6 Cricket from 29th April).

Tuesday – Judo (morning), Cricket, Homework Club, Puppet Club, Sport and Fitness Club.

Wednesday – Choir club, CMSPorts Football, Yo-Chi.

Thursday – Art Club, Engineering Club, Gymnastics, Wild Adventures.

Friday – iRock


Eco Update

Food Waste – Eco Lesson

This week all the children participated in our termly Eco Lessons with Madame Jones. The lessons are linked with the work of Eco Council and our Eco Schools Award.

The theme for the lesson was food waste, following on from the food waste survey conducted by Sophia and Flo in Year 6. The children learnt that over the course of a year, we waste a staggering approximately 1,282kg of food waste at lunchtimes, which is roughly equivalent in weight to a hippo or a small car. They were astounded and upset by this and keen to offer reasons and solutions. The food waste conversation will continue over the coming months in school. However, at home you may wish to join in the food waste conversation – it is estimated that families throw away the equivalent of £1000.00 per year in food waste. Click on this link to go to BBC Bitesize to find out more about what you can do – the children all watched the short video in their lesson.  Alternatively, head to the Love Food, Hate Waste website here for more tips and advice.



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