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this week at Bentley....

Another fantastic week here at Bentley.

This week the after-school clubs started – it has been great to see children from all different year- groups joining in on the amazing array of different clubs offered, from engineering club, to forest explorers and, of course, choir.  Our children are so fortunate to have such a selection of clubs to choose from; I have never worked in a school with such an offer! Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.

Each week, every class participates in 'Runtastic' (where the classes run around the perimeter of the playground) and together, as a school, the children see how many laps they can complete. So far this year, the children have run a huge 28,026 laps, which equates to 1,557 miles - they have run all the way past Morocco! It would be amazing if they could reach their target, Kaira Konko in the Gambia, which is only 551 miles further. We can do it Team Bentley!

I am very much looking forward to the PFTA’s quiz night on Friday 17th May. With Mr Goddard as Quiz Master and Mrs Miffling on the scoreboard – I am certain it will be an amazing evening. It would be wonderful to see as many as you there as possible. You are able to sign up as a team, or speak to your class reps, who will be joining individuals, pairs and small groups into teams.

Year 2 had a treat this week. As part of their Antarctic 'Why don't penguins fly?' topic, they welcomed George into their classroom. George is a wildlife guide and he shared his knowledge of Antarctica and penguins with the children after his visit there a few weeks ago. The children were enthralled and asked him lots and lots of questions! Thank you, George, for helping Year 2 bring their learning alive.

Vicky Hallett



This week’s whole school attendance is 96.13%

Although the government sets a target of 95% for primary schools, our governors have set a target of 98% for our school.  This is because an attendance rate of 95% still means that your child would have had approximately ten days of absence throughout the year; this is considered a significant loss to learning.

The class with the best attendance this week is year 2, with 100%.  Amazing work year 2. Well done!




Eggars have open days coming up on 12th and 13th July for anyone interested in looking round.  Please see the community section for more information.



There are still a few spaces on Cricket Club with Ms Durrant and one space on puppet club with Ms Scott-Bromley, both on Tuesday.  If your child is interested in joining either, please contact the office.


Absences and Medicines.

Please remember if your child will be absent from school for appointments, holidays or any other reason you know of in advance, you must fill in an absence request form.  This can be found under the ‘Parents’ section of the website and then ‘handy forms’ or via this link and submitted online.

Similarly, if you wish the office to administer medicine to your child, or to hold medicine for your child to administer themselves, you must complete an Administration of Medicine form, again available under the ‘Parents’ section of the website, and then ‘handy forms’ or via this link and submitted online.



Lunches must be paid for in advance please. The cost is £3.00 a day, so if your child has a school lunch every day, we would be very grateful if you would make sure there is a least £15 in their ScoPay account to cover the coming week (and larger pre-payments can be made if that is easier).



We have children with severe allergies amongst our cohort, so it is very important that children do not have any nuts, nut products or peanut butter in their lunch boxes or with them for snacks. 



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