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I hope this newsletter finds you well. Let me start by congratulating our Year 6 students on their remarkable attitudes during the recent SATs. Their dedication and hard work deserve immense praise. A special thank you goes to Mrs. Blake for organising the breakfasts and Wendy in the kitchen for her culinary contributions, ensuring our students were well-nourished post test. The jubilant cheers were heard across the school when the final test had finished.

To celebrate the completion of their SATs, our Year 6 students were treated to a well-deserved film afternoon. Additionally, we were delighted to have Mr. Jones, a parent, kindly volunteer his time to lead an engaging drumming workshop for the students. Such experiences not only provide a refreshing break but also foster creativity and teamwork.

This week, all our classes had the opportunity to visit St. Mary's church for Prayer Week. During their visit, the children participated in a range of activities, allowing them to explore their spirituality and deepen their understanding. Thank you to Mrs Scott Bromley for organising this and all of our volunteers who made it possible.

I must share an endearing moment from our Year R children. As part of their study of the book 'Dear Zoo,' they wrote me a special letter expressing their desire to have a zoo animal as a pet! Their vivid descriptions of the different animals were truly delightful, with many children expressing a preference for a tiger! While I had to gently explain the challenges of keeping a tiger as a pet in our school environment, their enthusiasm and creativity were admirable.

Undeterred, our Year R children have come up with a brilliant idea – to adopt an animal at Marwell Zoo! This way, they can visit and connect with their adopted animal during their upcoming school trip. To raise funds for this endeavour, the children have decided to sell home-made cakes and postcards they have created in school. You will have the opportunity to support their efforts by purchasing these delightful treats and handmade items after school on Monday in the playground.

I am constantly amazed by the boundless energy, curiosity, and compassion exhibited by our students. Their enthusiasm for learning and exploration is truly inspiring, and I feel privileged to be a part of their educational journey.

Vicky Hallet




This week’s whole school attendance is 97.75 %

Although the government sets a target of 95% for primary schools, our governors have set a target of 98% for our school.  This is because an attendance rate of 95% still means that your child would have had approximately ten days of absence throughout the year; this is considered a significant loss to learning. 

The class with the best attendance this week is year 2 with .....

Fabulous work year 2!!


walk to school week

Next week is Walk to School Week.  Please take part if you can, it is an important learning opportunity. The children will be having a Walk To School assembly; you may want to chat to them about it and plan your route.



A letter has gone out today about National Numeracy day on Wednesday 22nd May.  The children will be taking part in lots of number-based activities. Please could you make sure your child comes to school in their house colour t-shirt (and P.E leggings, joggers or shorts and trainers).  School T-shirts can be purchased from the uniform supplier My clothing but a plain t-shirt in the appropriate colour is fine.



As part of their English journey ‘Dear Zoo’ Year R have decided that they would like to adopt a giraffe at Marwell Zoo. They need to raise £55 and so they have planned a ‘Cupcake and Postcard Sale’ this Monday (20th) after school in the front playground. Each item will cost 50p. Please come along and support them so that they can adopt one before going on their Marwell trip on Wednesday. 











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