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Dodgeball at Eggars - February 24

I had so much fun at Eggar’s school while playing dodgeball!  There were four schools and each school did really well.  Bentley had great teamwork and I enjoyed it the most when the rest of the team were supporting me.

During dodgeball we had to split into two teams.  Whenever you were sitting on the bench you could strategise and talk about your tactics, which helped me a lot!  I was also encouraged by everyone’s wise words.  As well as dodgeball being a competition, it was a really fun and energetic game.  That is the most important thing to remember.  Bentley definitely remembered this, as we were all having so much fun!  Overall, I had an amazing time and I would recommend dodgeball to anyone. 

Thank you to Mrs Matthews for taking us.

Written by Poppy – Year 6