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New Adventures

Friday 24th March, straight after school till 6pm

This is a PTFA-run celebration to Mrs Pinchess farewell and good luck in her next adventure. There will be bouncy castles, a bbq, bar and kids refreshments. Imagine a ‘garden party’ set up, with music and general merriment.

In terms of help, we will need help on the bouncy castle stall, bbq, bar and kids refreshments stall (we will come to you in a few weeks for this!). All money raised on the day will be going to the PTFA.

However, the main thing we need help pushing is the Collections Pot Link. This is an online money collection platform and all money raised here will go towards a gift for Mrs Pinchess to take with her, and a legacy gift in her name for the school (maybe a tree or bench or garden… that kind of thing).

We think she has done an amazing job as head, it is not an easy role, and deserves a nice gift and a fun send off.

This event is open for anyone to attend – village members, ex-pupils and their families, grandparents etc etc. Please share the poster and link far and wide. or follow the QR code on the poster.

There will also be a thank you/memory book out on the day for messages to be left for Mrs Pinchess and a present presentation at some point in the evening.