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We had a great uptake in our whole school homework caption competition! The winning entries are shown below.

I can't find my homework anywhere! Harry, Year 4
Everyone really enjoyed aeroplane craze week! William, Year 1
"All hail Mrs Pinchess!  All hail!" Mrs Ormond
My udder job is a computer engineer! - Charlotte, Year 2
The end of the cow doesn't moo! - Gabriella, Year 5
Hubble, bubble, boil and trouble, banish homework on the double
Chicken's leg and spice of cheese, make it work, no homework please!
Phoebe, Year 6
The Year R children get smaller every year!  William, Year 1
Oh my gosh! Dominic's finger has fallen off and he's still smiling!
Lucas, Year R

Congratulations to you all!