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Bentley School's local church is St. Mary's, Bentley, which is part of a Benefice including Froyle and Binsted churches. The vicar of the Benefice is Reverend Matt Boyes.  Matt is also a Governor at Binstead School.

                             St Mary's Church, Bentley

Bentley School has strong links to the Benefice churches, especially St Mary's and several of our school families are involved in the church community.

The vicar (Matt) takes weekly assemblies and leads classes on church visits, which is part of the RE curriculum.

The Benefice of Bentley, Binsted and Froyle offers a variety of family services and youth groups, all of which are detailed below:

1st Sunday of the month

Bentley Church - 5pm Live@5 family service (tea at 4.30pm)

Binsted Church - 9.30am Communion Service

Froyle Church – 8am Communion Service


2nd Sunday of the month 

Bentley – 9.30am Service with children’s groups 0 to teens

Binsted – Messy Church for families in Binsted School 3.30-5.30pm, includes children’s tea

Froyle – 11am Communion Service


3rd Sunday of the month

Bentley – 5pm Live@5 family service (tea at 4.30pm)

Binsted – 9.30am Service

Froyle – 11am Communion Service


4th Sunday of the month

Bentley – 9.30am Communion service with children’s groups 0 to teens

Binsted – 8am Communion service

Froyle – 6.30pm Evensong


Other Youth groups

Kickstart – Bentley Memorial Hall for Year 6+ alternate Sunday evenings 6.30 –8.30pm

Upagear – Bentley Church Hall for Year 7+ alternate Friday evenings 5.30 - 7pm


For more information visit the website