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We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of before school and after school clubs to support and extend opportunities for all interests across the primary age range.  Our regular clubs include Judo, Science Club, Football, Orchestra, Floorball, Ceramics and Boppin.  In the Autumn and Spring terms there are a number of teacher led clubs which have included Newspaper Club, Choir, Computing, Arts and Crafts, Pets, Hockey, Netball and Football.

In addition, we offer a number of opportunities for music lessons; piano, guitar, flute, violin, recorder and RockSteady.

If you are feeling very organised now then please get in touch with the individual providers to book onto them (piano, violin, guitar, Rocksteady, archery/fencing, ceramics, ballet, BOPPIN, Club Morgan, Eureka Science Club and CMSports Football). Ask to be kept on waiting lists as it is always worth a chance in case someone else changes club options.

Please be advised that the individual provider will let you know if your child's club has different timings.

Thank you for all the good ideas passed to school via the clubs feedback forms – great minds think alike and lots of these are already built into our school curriculum but perhaps you did not realise what is already available. I thought that it might be interesting to share them with you and also how these are incorporated into our curriculum offer which covers our many clubs and enrichment opportunities. We try to get pupil input each year when we set up the clubs and Pick and Mix activities. Teacher interests are very important and we are incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated group of teachers who all run clubs over two terms each year  – thank you Bentley staff!

In the summer term the teachers do not run clubs as when we did any club we ran was very poorly attended and staff very much felt that pupils need free time to enjoy the amazing play opportunities on the rec, in their back gardens and out and about in the warmer weather. There is still a lot on offer with outside agency clubs and music lessons continue. Childcare is available as usual so if you will need a space reserved to enable you to get to work next term make sure that you book in now to avoid any disappointment. Children may not ‘wait’ at the office as they are unsupervised so take turns to support one another as friends to cover 15-30 minute sessions if you do not require the appropriate childcare which we can offer and you will need to pay for.



Happens already in School

Happens in the wider community and available to all children

Happy to run this club

Scooter club

We have this every year as a Craze of the week


A parent or group of parents could run this in the summer term. See Mrs Pinchess if you could volunteer.


This was a club in the autumn term run by a parent volunteer and is a PE focus for one half term.

Alton Hockey Club is worth a look!



This is a regular activity at Pick and Mix time.


This is on the list for teachers next year but there was not a big sign up last time we ran it.

TV Shows

Year 4 watch Newsround but generally we see this as a home activity.



Outdoor adventures

Residential visits take place for all juniors and the infant staff all incorporate the outdoors in different ways to learning

Sign up for Rainbows, Cubs, Beavers, Brownies, Scouts and Guides!



Again this is a half term focus in PE lessons and CMSports do run a half term competition which children volunteer for.


Pupils have preferred netball to basketball in clubs previously.


This was a club at school in the autumn.


This time last year we started an external netball agency club but sign up was not enough for the provider to sustain it longer term.

Street Dance

BOPPIN already runs this at school. Dance is a half term focus twice over the school year and taught by teachers.

Look out for holiday clubs and local groups if your child loves to dance – there are lots of opportunities available locally.



Art and Design and Arts and Crafts clubs both took part and we asked children what they would like to try.

Ceramics club is run by JJ for Year 2 upwards. Clay is part of our art curriculum.


If a volunteer parent would like to run a one off clay club for a term see Mrs Pinchess.

First Aid

Year 6 take part in a Keep Safe event every year which covers some basic First Aid as part of the training.


We would be interested to run this through an outside provider but have only seen this on offer for secondary schools. Let us know if you have a contact!

Life skills

All classes try to develop different life skills in the curriculum with cookery, money related activities and responsibilities from homework to class roles.


If you have a good idea on how to develop this or can offer a specific lesson please let your child’s class teacher know! We love having visitors in to enhance learning through their skills. 


Construction is available within all Infant classes and is always part of the provision at our childcare clubs.  It is a regular pupil choice at Pick and Mix time.




This is part of the teacher led curriculum and is taught in school for two half term blocks.

There are lots of great opportunities available in both Alton and Farnham with badges/competitions built into their programmes.



We tried this as a Pick and Mix activity but have decided that this is best for home with parental supervision. The slime craze seems to have diminished but if your child likes art or science we do run those clubs so they might like to sign up for these!




As you know we no longer subscribe to Hampshire Music Services due to budget cuts but previous brass teachers we sourced through here were not up to the standards of our current music teachers . Orchestra have tried brass instruments on several occasions in the past and it does not work well in our small school. We already have; recorder, glockenspiel lessons for all classes with ukuleles coming very soon! Parents can subscribe to piano, guitar, flute, recorder, violin and ‘rock’ group lessons already. Most of the local secondary schools do offer brass when your child gets to Year 7.

Local music teachers advertise and you can seek out a teacher online or you could try and advertise in the local Parish magazines to seek out a good teacher. ALWAYS go through and interview process for safeguarding if you are seeking any child related service from a babysitter to a music teacher. Do not assume that because they used to work in a school setting or that others use the service that they are appropriate and use safeguarding principles to protect your child and yourself.  Get an enhanced DBS (police) check and follow up at least two current references.

If enough parents wanted brass lessons we could possible host these after school so let Mrs Pinchess know.