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You'll find lots of useful everyday words and phrases on the handout at the foot of the page; it could be laminated and used as a mat.  You can extend your French learning at home in many interesting ways.  Here are a few ideas...

Internet-based resources

From stories on Youtube to fun games to play, the internet has made learning a language at home so much easier. Here are some of the fun resources Madame Jones uses in the classroom to learn French.   


YouTube is great for songs and stories.  Below are some ideas to get you started and some of our favourites:


  • Va t’en Grand Monstre Vert (tagadatsointsoin production) (Y2 and Y6) – Click here
  • Le Loup qui voulait changer de couleur (Tillthecat) – KS1 – click here
  • Le Loup qui voulait faire le tour du monde (Tillthecat) (Y3 and Y5) – Click here
  • Un automne avec Pop (Fanny Saldias) – all years – Click here


Here are some French channels to subscribe to for some songs.

  • Mini TFO
  • Monde des Titounis
  • Maître Lucas
  • Alain le Lait

Other YouTube channels

  • Nattalingo Productions – Nathalie Paris created lots of short videos for home learning during lockdown.
  • Mr Johnson MFL – aimed at secondary but the language content is often the same as primary e.g. days of the week
  • Little French House – variety of French activities from gardening to cooking aimed at primary children.


BBC Bitesize

  • Click here to go to the BBC KS1 Bitesize Page for French.
  • Click here to go to the BBC KS2 Bitesize Page for French.


  • Click here to go to the French games website and follow the instructions to play a range of fun games.


  • Lots of children really love to play Duolingo.  The app can be downloaded onto a phone or tablet for free and can be played in lots of different languages.

Other ideas

  • Hopscotch is a game which is great for practising French numbers and is a good way of getting outside.
  • Making puppets and using them to practise French conversation.
  • Make mini-books and use these to practise simple French writing e.g. Write about yourself, A French book of Colours
  • Play games like Snakes and Ladders in French using the French numbers up to 6 from the dice.
  • Practise a role play in French e.g. a café or shop