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French Day 2017

This year’s French Day took place on Wednesday 12th July with Famous French People and Places as the theme. As well as dressing in the colours of the famous ‘Tricolore’, it was wonderful to see so many children dressed as famous French people and places, including La Tour Eiffel, Napoléon, Coco Chanel and Marie-Antoinette to name but a few!

Throughout the day the children enjoyed a range of activities, linked with the theme – Famous French People and Places.  In Key Stage One the children participated in a range of art activities, based on the works of French artists such as Monet and Matisse.  Through role plays, they also visited the ‘marché’ or ‘boulangerie’ where they were supported by Year 9 Language Leaders from Amery Hill School.

In Key Stage Two the children also embraced the arts by studying both some French artists and composers, including Saint-Saëns and Monet.  They were also visited by Sylvie Nonhebel and French student Flore who introduced the children to a range of French places and people. Flore also taught a song called Le Bon Roi Dagobert which the children learnt very quickly.  Finally, in Year 5 the children opened their own French café, serving croissants and pains au chocolat to each other whilst practising their French café role plays.

Thank you very much to you all for embracing this year’s theme for French Day. It was a delight to see all the children throughout the day – I was particularly pleased to see La Tour Eiffel in many of the classes!  Thank you also to our visitors for making French Day extra special.