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Bentley Church of England

Primary School

Pupil Awards


Each term one child from each year group is awarded the Callaway Cup for progress and excellence across the curriculum.  There was much excitement in assembly this week as the Callaway Cup winners were announced.  It was super to watch the rest of the class show their pride in their classmate’s achievement.  The pupils have all impressed the teaching team in their classes with their attitude to learning and each one of them has made a tremendous amount of progress over the term. A huge well done to all the recipients! Enjoy having your cups until next term when they will be passed to the next well deserved recipient.

Year R – Hamish for excellence in mathematics

Year 1 – Laurie for his love of learning and enthusiasm

Year 2 – Kate for her enthusiasm, effort and all round positive attitude to life

Year 3 – Joe for excellence in music, performance and fantastic progress in maths

Year 4 – Will for excellence in maths and science

Year 5 – Harry for super progress in all learning and confidence throughout the year

Year 6 – Adam for progress in all areas of learning


Good manners are not only encouraged, but expected at Bentley and excellent manners and behaviour is often mentioned by parents, relatives and visitors who come to the school as well as when pupils are out on school visits. We want all of our children to follow the 'Sorry, Thank You, Excuse Me, Please' (S.T.E.P.) code all the time.  Each term three children from each year group, who have shown superb manners over the term in many different situations as noted by all staff, are selected to receive a S.T.E.P. award.  In a special assembly, in front of the whole school plus teaching staff and parents, each child is presented with a certificate and a special badge.

We are incredibly proud of our S.T.E.P. award winners this term.

Year R – Annabel, Finley, Flora-Rose

Year 1 – Evie, Harriet, Lucas

Year 2 – Emma, Eva, Izzy

Year 3 – Charlotte, Louis, Luke

Year 4 – Dillon, Rhys, Sienna

Year 5 – Alex, Bart, Isabel

Year 6 – Cam, Ellie, Saffy

Values Cup 

Our School values of Love, Faith and Courage are woven into all aspects of the school day at Bentley - in the classroom, in the playground, in the lunch hall, on the sports field, everywhere.  We encourage each child to recognise how important these values are and to do their best to embody them throughout their time here and, we hope, when they move on to secondary school.

For the first time this year we asked all the children in the school and all the staff members to vote for two children, a boy and a girl, who they believe typifies our values in their behaviour.  

In a special assembly at the end of the Spring Term we were delighted and very proud to announce the winners of the Value Cup this year:

Oliver (Year 2) and Sophie (Year 2)

Kindness Cup 

During Kindness Week we celebrate and recognising kindness in all sorts of ways.

This year the week has been a real success and we have been so proud to take special notice of the many acts of kindness that happen here at Bentley. The teachers took on the challenge of a 'Random act of kindness' with many cups of tea being made, little notes being left for each other and compliments flying around all over the place! The children have had fun playing games with another class, filling a jar with acts of kindness and writing postcards to give reasons why they love themselves.

The children and staff were invited to nominate a child in the school who they believe to be incredibly kind.  In a special collective worship we announced Zeph (Year 6) to be the winner of the Kindness Cup for 2019.  Well done Zeph!