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Bentley Church of England

Primary School


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Katy Pinchess, Headteacher

Mrs Rebecca Miffling, Deputy Headteacher, Year 3 Teacher & English Lead

Mrs Vicky Enticknap, SENCo

Miss Sam Kirby, Infant Lead, Year 2 Teacher & Science Lead

Teaching Staff

Miss Katy Gillick, Year 6 Teacher & Maths Lead

Mrs Paula Murphy, Year 6 LSA

Mrs Jo Rushin, Year 5 Teacher & PE Lead

Mrs Natalie Wood, Year 5 Teacher & History/Geography Lead

Mrs Kerry Krempel, Year 5 LSA

Mr Paul Goddard, Year 4 Teacher & ICT/DT Lead

Mrs Wendy Perrior, Year 4 LSA & After School Club (ASC) Lead

Mr Toby Fay, Year 4 SNA

Mrs Rebecca Miffling, Deputy Headteacher, Year 3 Teacher & English Lead

Mrs Fran Patey, Year 3 LSA & ELSA

Miss Kirsty Weeks, Year 3 SNA

Miss Sam Kirby, Year 2 Teacher, Infant Lead & Science Lead

Mrs Nikki Rodger, Year 2 LSA

Mrs Natasha Legg, Year 2 LSA

Mrs Charlie Vogel, Year 1 Teacher & PSHE/Music Lead

Mrs Sonia Siers, Year 1 LSA

Mrs Seonaid Scott-Bromley, Year R Teacher & RE Lead

Miss Hayley Smith, Year R Teacher & Breakfast Club (BC) Lead

Mrs Emma Jones, French

Mr Leo Maliphant, Sport across the Alton Cluster Schools

Mr Nick Evans, Mr Matt Northcott & the team from CMSports, Sports Coaching across the school

Wrap-a-round Care

Miss Laura Kneller, BC Lead

Miss Mandy Lanning, BC

Mrs Gillie Cox, BC & ASC

Mrs Wendy Perrior, ASC Lead

Mrs Lucy Lawrence, ASC

Mr Toby Fay, ASC

Miss Kirsty Weeks, ASC

SEN & Nurture Team

Miss Vicky Enticknap, SENCo

Mrs Sandra Peters, ELSA & SNA

Mrs Fran Patey, ELSA

Mrs Lucy Lawrence, FEIPS

Mrs Alison Hamer, SNA

Mr Toby Fay, SNA

Miss Kirsty Weeks, SNA


Mrs Sharon Gallagher, Office Manager

Ms Tracy Tewkesbury, Finance Officer

Mrs Natalie Drew, Admin Officer

Mrs Sarah Goebel, Admin Assistant

Kitchen Team

Mrs Alison Dombrick

Mrs Wendy Sherwood

Music Staff Teaching within School Hours

Mr Mark Hoare, Piano

Mrs Karen White, Violin

Mrs Jess Adams, Flute

Miss Jean Brand, Recorder

Miss Jo Bowlam, Hampshire Music Services

Mr Iain Kerr, Rock Steady

Mr James Shannon, Guitar