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Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mrs Katy Pinchess

Deputy headteacher – Mrs Becky Miffling

Infant Leader – Mrs Charlie Vogel

SEND Leader – Mrs Liz Rhodes

Class Teachers

Year R – Mrs Naomi Blake & Miss Sarah Pidden

Year 1 – Mrs Seonaid Scott-Bromley

Year 2 – Mrs Charlie Vogel

Year 3 – Miss Zoe Hastie

Year 4 – Mrs Jo Rushin & Mrs Liz Rhodes

Year 5 – Mrs Judith Ashby

Year 6 – Mrs Becky Miffling & Mr Paul Goddard

All classes have weekly French with Madame Emma Jones and one of their PE sessions with Alex, Toby, Matt and Joe from CMSports

Learning Support Team

Infant Team

Year R – Miss Ellen Oakley, Miss Sarah Pidden, & Mrs Vicki Potter

Year 1 – Mrs Sonia Siers, Mrs Sue Pond & Mrs Vicki Potter

Year 2 – Mrs Wendy Perrior, Miss Amy Grainger, Mrs Clare Arthur

KS1 interventions, Speech & Language support programmes, ELS & SIDNEY - Mrs Sonia Siers

Junior Team

Maths Intervention - Mrs Ingrid Phillips

ELSA, Drawing & Talking – Mrs Fran Patey

Sensory Circuits, Handwriting support, nurture and 1:1 SNA support - Mr Toby Fay

Lunchtime Supervisory Team

Mrs Wendy Perrior – Leader

Mrs Fran Patey – Deputy Leader

Mrs Arthur, Mr Fay, Miss Grainger, Miss Oakley, Mrs Phillips, Miss Pidden, Mrs Pond, Mrs Potter, & Mrs Siers

Office Team

Mrs Tracy Tewkesbury – Finance Officer

Mrs Natalie Drew – Admin Officer & First Aid Lead

Mrs Fiona Tessendorf – Admin Assistant & Librarian

Mr Lucas – Site Manager 

Wrap-a-round Care

Mrs Wendy Perrior, ASC Lead

Mr Toby Fay, ASC

Mrs Ingrid Phillips, BC

Mrs Tegan Hansen, BC

Miss Jess Phillips, ASC

Miss Ellen Oakley, ASC

Kitchen Team

Mrs Alison Dombrick

Mrs Wendy Sherwood

Music Staff Teaching within School Hours

Mr Mark Hoare, Piano

Ms Christine Meers, Violin & Oboe

Mrs Jess Adams, Flute & Recorder

Mr Josh Knibbs, Guitar & Ukelele