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Bentley Church of England

Primary School

Visions & Aims

Bentley CE Primary School is a caring and Christian community. 

In order for every pupil develop, we provide a happy and stimulating environment in which children feel secure, trusted and valued.

Bentley Primary School Aims:

  • To provide the highest quality education which will challenge, motivate and excite each individual, fostering qualities of excellence, enjoyment, perseverance, self-discipline and independent learning whilst endeavouring to extend the intellectual and creative capacity of all children.
  • To provide a friendly, supportive, caring and happy community in which each person is valued and appreciated, where emotional health and wellbeing of the children and staff in our school are of high priority.
  • To encourage each child to become a confident, responsible and successful individual. To increase their understanding of the world they live in and to acquire the necessary skills to be able to make the best choices in their future work and leisure as they adapt to the constantly changing world.
  • To enable children to develop a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs, an understanding of Christian tradition and teaching and an awareness of other religions and cultures.
  • To foster independent thinking, teamwork and confidence through a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

Our School Values:

Love - Courage - Community