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Local children and young people’s mental health services (CYPMHS) are continuing to operate and in many cases are providing support remotely. Children and young people or their parents or carers can also contact their GP or refer to NHS 111 online. Local CYPMH services will also have information on access on their websites: many offer self-referral or single points of access. 

NHS trusts have established 24-hour urgent mental health helplines in most parts of England for people of all ages. If you have urgent concerns about a child or young person, you can find your local helpline here to discuss these with a mental health professional. 

And remember to refer to your local children’s services if you have any safeguarding concerns. 

General information relevant to children and young people’s wellbeing and mental health 

These resources are dedicated to children and young people’s general mental health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on mindfulness with developing coping skills in young people. 

Student Space is here for students through coronavirus. However you’re feeling, help and guidance is available. Explore a range of trusted information, services and tools to help you with the challenges of student life. You can use their search tool to find the services available at your university. 

NHS Apps library helps people find apps and online tools to help manage their health and wellbeing. For example: 

Calm Harm* is designed to help people resist or manage the urge to self-harm. 

Catch it* helps people manage feelings like anxiety and depression and improve mental wellbeing. 

The Student health app is designed to reduce your worries, feel more confident and get the support you need at what can be a challenging time for any student. 

Thrive * helps you prevent and manage stress, anxiety and related conditions.

Place2Behas a host of mental health resources available. They organise Children's Mental Health Week every year. 

SafeSpot* is an iPhone and Android app that promotes positive mental wellbeing in children and young people and has been designed to help children and young people with their coping skills.  

BBC’s wellbeing resources for families. 

Mentally Healthy Schools: tools to support an emotional check-in with pupils. 

Mentally Healthy Schools: an anxiety thermometer as a wellbeing measurement tool. 

NHS:*Mental Health Helplines for Urgent Help - NHS 24-hour advice and support for you, your child, your parent or someone you care for. Help is available to speak to a mental health professional. 

Cruse Bereavement Care:* Coronavirus, Bereavement and Grief online information, advice and support. Helpline: 0808 808 1677.  

Public Health EnglandEvery Mind Matters:* Looking After Your Mental Health Resources aims to support everyone to feel more confident in taking action to look after their mental health and wellbeing by promoting a range of self-care actions. 

Public Health England:* Every Mind Matters Self-Care Tool when you complete the 5 ‘Survey’ questions, a ‘Mind Plan’ is generated, with signposting options to many useful resources. 

Anna Freud: self-care strategies for young people* feeling low or anxious and self-care tips for parents and carers.* 

Please note, links marked with * may be more suitable for older children.

CAMHS (Child & Adult Mental Health Service)

There are also some really helpful YouTube videos created by CAMHS (Child & Adult Mental Health Service) which you may like to take a look at.  They are 10-15 minute films focussed on supporting primary aged young people with their mental health. There are series of activities they can try which will support good mental health. All the films do a check in which encourages young people to think about and understand their emotions.

Soothing Rhythm Breathing                                                                      

Peaceful Place imagery 

Activity and Boredom Jar

Making a Self Soothe Box

Muscle Relaxation

Grounding Exercise

Body Scan

Five Finger Positive

Breathing Techniques

Goal Setting

Getting Sleep

Positive Affirmations

Colour Breathing

Our Bodies