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Bentley Church of England

Primary School

Wrap-a-round childcare

We are delighted to provide wrap-a-round childcare in school from 7.45am until 6pm each day.  Both clubs are play centred and have proved very popular with pupils. We appoint both internal teaching support staff and staff specific to the childcare.  All staff who follow our school routines and rules.  Children may choose to bring in their homework but there is no set day or time for this. On some days there will be special activities such as cookery for Afterschool Club as this is a longer session. There is a weekly menu which you are welcome to see. We have a Wrap-a-round Care notice board by the door where you drop off/collect in the Dining Hall.

You can book online for either provision online through Scopay by clicking here.  Full instructions for booking can be found on the document at the bottom of this page.

Breakfast Club 

Staff – Miss Lanning and Mrs Cox

Children can be dropped off from 7.45am and should come straight into the dining hall through the main school door. Breakfast is offered to all children from a range of cereals and toast and is completed by 8.15.  If the weather allows children often go out to the back playground to play.  It is important that you register your child with the staff member on duty so that they are aware that your child has joined. At 8.45am children have tidied up their toys and head into class.   The only exception to this routine is on a Wednesday when the club takes part in the main hall and CMSports staff support the play aspect. Breakfast is still on offer that day.

Afterschool Club 

Staff – Mrs Perrior (known as Mrs P), Mrs Cox and Mr Fay

Children come straight to the club or are brought over by staff after their previous clubs. They get a self chosen hot or cold tea to eat and then play. Whilst it is sunny they may then go outside to play. We try hard to make this setting as home-like as possible and give children choices and down time after a busy day at school. Other toys and games are always available to choose from but we think getting some outdoor time is important. Children must be collected by 6pm sharp.  Whilst we appreciate that there may have a one off emergency, if you are late to pick up there will be a charge of £5 per child, per 15 minutes after 6pm.  Prompt pick up ensures that staff can tidy up and clean the dining hall effectively and go home themselves!

Booking your child a place 

This can be done in advance online through Scopay.  Instructions to do this can be found at the foot of this page. It is very important that you book in advance as staff-pupil numbers must be kept in line with national expectations.  Should you need to make an emergency same day booking, this can be done through the school office by email.  Should you need to cancel your booked place, we will require you to this online before midnight the previous day.


Breakfast Club is £4.00 per child and After School Club is £12.00 per child.  We accept Childcare Vouchers for payment of both Breakfast Club and After School Club. Please ensure that you set this up with our Finance Officer in advance.  Alternatively, you may wish to pay online through our usual payment site, Scopay.  As an additional provision for parents/carers payment is non-negotiable and MUST be paid in advance. If you prefer you can, of course, pay for the month or half term in one block.