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Bentley Church of England

Primary School

Year 1

Our amazing Year 1 team are

Mrs Vogel - Class Teacher

Mrs Siers - SLA


The Year 1 Summer Newsletter can be downloaded from the foot of this page.


Year 1 Bentley Fete Entry - castles

On Saturday 20th July, Bentley Fete is being held out on the Recreation ground from 2pm. Every year, the children from our school enter a competition with a project based on our learning. Year 1’s favourite topic was castles and therefore our entry choice this year is model castles. This is going to be set as our homework. The rules are simple, the children should design and make their castle in any way they choose, using any materials they choose. E.g. junk modelling, Lego, clay etc. It should be no bigger than a large cereal box or something around 30cm x 30cm x 30cm. 

As it is a homework, I would like it to be brought into school so we can all admire it before you need to enter it into the show on Wednesday 17th July. As we will be tight on space in our classroom, I would ask that children bring their castle in when it is complete but it will be sent home again the very same day. It can be brought in anytime from 1st until the 17th July. It is expected that every child will make a castle whether you wish to enter the castle into the Fete or not.

The children have already shared some great ideas that they have on how to make their castle stand out!  Happy making!


What have we been up to...

In Year 1 we read The Queen's Hat which tells the story of the wind blowing Her Majesty's hat all around famous London landmarks. The children have enjoyed innovating this story to create their own books to share ideas of Bentley teachers who have lost an item, like 'Miss Kirby's Glasses' or 'Miss Smith's Tennis Racket' which have been blown all around famous landmarks of Bentley. 

We have taken time to learn all about prepositions (over, under, between) and time openers (first, next, finally) and even how to use an apostrophe for possession! This work has culminated in every child planning, writing, editing and illustrating their very own little book. They are very proud of the results, as am I! The children loved sharing their stories with Year 5 and we will keep them on display at school for everyone to celebrate and send them home afterwards. 

Our January visit
Our March visit

Year 1 have been learning about the weather and understanding seasons. We visited the same location on January 15th and again on March 26th to see the changes in nature. 


We saw tadpoles and frogspawn. - Tilly H-C

As a treat, we went to the park on the way back to school! - Darcey

The weather was sunny and the sky was blue. - Finn

We saw lots of trees that were starting to grow buds. - Jack

It has changed season so we could see flowers starting to grow. Flowers need the sun to grow. - Laurie 

We saw a snail, a woodlouse and a butterfly. The insects started to come out because it was getting warmer from the sun.  - Gabriel L-C 



We were thrilled to welcome Mrs Wood back from maternity leave. In Geography the children listened to the piece of classical music, 'Four Seasons' by Vivaldi.

Using this as inspiration, they worked in small groups to create their own piece of weather music using different percussion instruments.  There was thunder, lightning, rain, wind, chirping birds, flowing rivers and even splashing in puddles. Everyone had a very fun and very loud afternoon. 

28 February 2019