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Bentley Church of England

Primary School

Year 3

Our fantastic Year 3 team are

Miss Hand - Class Teacher

Mrs Patey - SLA


Information on our Spring Term 2020 can be downloaded from the foot of this page


IRON AGE WORKSHOP - January 2020

I enjoyed learning about the Iron Age. I wore a long skirt like the Iron Age People did. (Izzy)  We whacked a punch bag with a wooden bat for warrior training. We also used wooden poles as spears which was fun.  They used to hunt for their food and eat animates.  They used animal skins to keep them warm.  By Lucas & Izzy


I enjoyed learning about warriors, champions and chiefs and tools such as spears, sling shots, javelins, shields and swords.  We also learnt about what clothes they wore and what animals they eat.  I also enjoyed using a long stick to hit the shields with and whacking the punchbag with a wooden sword and colour and making my own spear tip. By Noah