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Year 4

Our wonderful team in Year 4 are:

Mr Goddard, Class Teacher

Mrs Perrior, LSA


Our Summer Term Newsletter can be found by clicking the link at the foot of this page.

Timetable basics 

PE on Wednesday afternoon (CM Sports – so need outdoor PE Kit) and Friday morning (could be either Hall or outside, depending on weather and the skills we are covering.  Important that the PE Kit fits, especially trainers! 

Tuesday afternoon sees Music with Mrs Bolam. 

French with Mme Jones on Wednesday afternoon. 

Homework is usually given on Wednesday afternoon, with a deadline of the following Tuesday morning.  We have English and Maths activities daily (in the main), with Friday morning seeing our spelling sentences and mental maths tests.


English brings C.S. Lewis’s ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ as our focus text. We will explore fantasy worlds and create visitors’ guides.We explore some different forms of poetry after the half-term break, including list poems, which are great fun.

Maths – a closer focus on problem solving and reasoning across all the areas of mathematics, though tables and number patterns remain critical!

Science – Thermal Insulators and Heat (January/February bring good opportunities to see this in real life!) and Forces after the break.

We start an important History Unit, learning about the story of these islands through the history of invasions and settlements. We spend the Spring Term looking at the Anglo-Saxons, and in the Summer we go all Viking!

Art/Technology is based in part on weaving, and we will experiment with different weaving techniques, culminating in a visit to a farm to see the process ‘from fleece to fabric’

Computing – Control Technology and Coding are the main focus in the Spring Term.

Suggested Reading Lists 

Please keep reading – DAILY – aiming for five signed off reading sessions a week to help progress on our Reading Rocket.

To be aware of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ would be good – alongside the work of Michael Morpurgo (our focus Author in Year 4).

The recommended reading list for children in Year 4 is below - simply click on the link! 

School TripS  

Local River Study; ‘From Fleece to Fabric’ – local farm visit; visiting our church (with a specific focus on architectural changes over time) and, already booked, our Residential Visit to The Gordon Brown Centre in Hook, next May.

Spelling LIsts 

The link below will give you a document which covers guidance and spelling lists for all KS1 and KS2 children.

Homework Expectations 

Generally two tasks a week, issued on Wednesday for the following Tuesday morning. 

The tasks should each take around 20-30 minutes and will be number and English based mostly, but with the occasional substitution of a task connected with a different part of the curriculum, such as science. 

It’s important that they get into good habits – get on with the task sooner rather than later, which gives an opportunity to ask for help before the deadline!

Spelling Lists – weekly, 15 words which should be learned – coming from the Year 4 National Curriculum (see link below).

We write a sentence for each of six selected words on a Friday morning, practising the target words and sentence structures as we go.

Top Tips 

Keep reading! 

Tables practice, along with number bonds – really useful site is which has all types of games and links to support the curriculum generally. 

In Year 4, there is an expectation of growing independence and self-directed learning – really important that they get themselves organised and take responsibility for bringing the right things on the right days, such as homework and PE Kits!