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Bentley Church of England

Primary School


We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of before school and after school clubs to support and extend opportunities for all interests across the primary age range.  Our regular clubs include Judo, Science Club, Football, Orchestra, Floorball, Ceramics and Boppin.  In the Autumn and Spring terms there are a number of teacher led clubs which have included Newspaper Club, Choir, Computing, Arts and Crafts, Pets, Hockey, Netball and Football.

In addition, we offer a number of opportunities for music lessions; piano, guitar, flute, violin, recorder and RockSteady.

Breakfast Club and Afterschool Club will be running from 4th September.  All other clubs and music lessons will start on Monday 10th September.

If you are feeling very organised now then please get in touch with the individual providers to book onto them (piano, violin, guitar, Rocksteady, archery/fencing, ceramics, ballet, BOPPIN, Club Morgan, Eureka Science Club and CMSports Football). Ask to be kept on waiting lists as it is always worth a chance in case someone else changes club options.

Please be advised that the individual provider will let you know if your child's club has different timings.

before school clubs - Autumn term 2018 

staff led clubs

Breakfast Club

Runs daily in the Rainbow Room from 7.45am to 8.45am.  £3.50 per session (includes breakfast).   Bookings:  via email to

Computer Club

Years 3-6 with Mr Goddard on Thursday mornings in Year 4. Collection from the office at 8am. £25 per term.  Bookings: Via the school office


Year 1-6 with Mrs Miffling on Wednesday mornings in Year 6 from 8.15am. £25 per term. Bookings: Via the school office.

external clubs


Run by Jason, in the Sports Hall, this club is a lot of fun and very popular at Bentley.  Mondays from Year 1 upwards, Tuesdays for more experienced pupils. £50 per term. Bookings:  Contact Jason on 01256 422352 or 07763 521027


Run by Mark and Karen on Wednesday mornings in the Dining Hall. Confident players in most instruments are welcome.  £35 per term. Bookings:  Contact Karen White on 07791 666330 to discuss. 


Run by Lucy on Thursday mornings in the Sports Hall for children age 6+. £50 per term. Bookings:  Contact Lucy on 07798 916306 or email   

Archery & Fencing 

Run by Premier Sports on Friday mornings in the Sports Hall.  Suitable for Years 2-6. A fantastic specialist sport opportunity and suitable for both beginners and those with previous experience.  £40 per term. Bookings:  Contact PremierSports online on


After School Clubs - Spring Term 2018

staff led clubs

After School Club

Runs every day of term, bar the last day of term, in the Rainbow Room from 3.15pm – 6pm.  £11 per session (includes teatime snack). Children take part in play based activities, arts, crafts and PE. Please note that children MUST be collected before 6pm or a fine with be incurred and/or you may lose your place at the club. May pay using Childcare Vouchers – see our Finance Officer to organise this in advance of payment. Bookings:  via email to

Cookery Club

Run by our own cook, Alison, on Mondays for Years 2 – 6 from 3.15 – 4.30pm. £44 for the term including all ingredients. Bookings:  Via the school office.

Puzzles & Boardgames Club

Run by Mrs Vogel on Mondays for Years 1 – 3.  £25 per child for the term.  Bookings:  Via the school office.

Cross Stitch

Run by Mrs Scott Bromley on Mondays for Years 3 – 6.  £25 per child for the term.  Bookings:  Via the school office.

Hockey Club

Run by Mrs Bell on Mondays for Years 4 - 6.  Children must have shin pads and a mouthguard to take part. £25 per child for the term.​​​​​​​  Bookings:  Via the school office.

Netball Club

Run by Miss Wiggins on Tuesdays for Years 4 - 6.  £25 per child for the term.​​​​​​​  Bookings:  Via the school office.

Badminton Club

Run by Miss Hand on Tuesdays for Years 3 - 5.  £25 per child for the term.​​​​​​​  Bookings:  Via the school office.

Art Club

Run by Miss Kirby on Tuesdays for Years 1 – 4.  £25 per child for the term.​​​​​​​  Bookings:  Via the school office.

Harry Potter Book Club

Run by Mrs Pinchess on Thursdays for Years 4 - 6.  £25 per child for the term.​​​​​​​  Bookings:  Via the school office.


external clubs

Boppin Dance Club

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 at 3.15-4.15pm in the Sports Hall on Mondays.  Your child will be collected from class, they just need a snack and change of clothes. Classes for 8-11 year olds at 4.15-5.15pm and 11 years+ 5.15pm-6.15pm on a Monday. £60 per term. Bookings:  Please email to register for a space as soon as possible as spaces are limited and you will be sent all the enrolment details. Contact 01730 829948 or go to  

CM Sports Football Club

Run on Wednesdays by our very popular Sports Leaders who work across the school for PE lessons. Pick up 4.30pm. On the Recreation Ground on Wednesdays unless extremely bad weather forces everyone inside. Football boots and shin pads required.  Gloves, tracksuit bottoms and hats a good idea for the frosty days! £44 per term.  Bookings:  Online at  


Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Ceramics is run by the lovely JJ who has been a regular at Bentley for years. Children work in class groups and decorate some beautiful, high quality pieces of ceramic to keep forever. A great club for artists and for friends to spend special time together with a super teacher. Years 3 - 6. Pick-up 4.30pm from outside main school door. £46.20 per term.  Bookings:  Contact JJ on 07748 528730 

Eureka! Science Club

Our very popular Science Club for Years 4-6 run by Ray Cuckow and a fantastic range of volunteers. Amazing speakers make science extremely fun and our club members are transformed into enthusiastic scientists. Run on Thursdays in the Dining Hall.  Pick up 4.30pm from the school office. £25 per term.  Bookings:  Currently full.  Please contact to be put on the waiting list

​​​​​​​Club Morgan

Club Morgan is a unique holistic health programme for kids including Yo-chi, Drama and relaxation. Your child will have the opportunity to take part in fun and dynamic activities including Yoga inspired ‘Yo-chi’ for physical well-being, drama for emotional awareness, relaxation and seasonal activities which encourage the children to stay connected with natures cycles and learn about seasonal food.  Run on a Thursday in the Sports Hall. £60 per term.​​​​​​​  Bookings:  Contact Sara on   Tel: 07970 729738 or visit


music lessons - Autumn Term 2018 


Lessons held during the school day, every weekday except Friday.  Mark Hoare teaches children on a 1:1. Most children are from Year 3 upwards. Bookings:  Contact Mark on 07986 309879


Lessons held during the school day on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Karen White teaches children on a 1:1. Most children start from Year 3 upwards. Bookings:  Contact Karen on 07791 666330


James Shannon teaches the guitar to small groups or on a 1:1 during the school day on a Wednesday. Your child would need to have access to a guitar. Year 3 upwards. Bookings:  Contact Kieran Daniel at  


Jess Webster is currently on maternity leave.  Once back, she will teach children on a 1:1 and in small groups on a Friday during school hours. Suitable for Year 1 upwards. Bookings:  Contact Jess on 


Jess Webster is currently on maternity leave.  Once back, she will teach children on a 1:1 and in small groups on a Friday during school hours. Playing the recorder prior to starting the flute is valuable. Recommended for post wobbly teeth! (Year 3 upwards). Bookings:  Contact Jess on 

Rock Steady

Iain Kerr teaches 33 weeks of the school year at Bentley so this falls slightly out of our usual timetable. Suitable for all children. Children learn drums, guitar, keyboard and vocals in rock groups.  Run on Fridays during school hours. 33 sessions per school year, paid for monthly £29.95 per month.  Bookings:  Book directly with RockSteady on 0845 094 1259.