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Bentley Church of England

Primary School


We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of before school and after school clubs to support and extend opportunities for all interests across the primary age range.  Our regular clubs include Judo, Science Club, Football, Orchestra, Floorball, Ceramics and Boppin.  In the Autumn and Spring terms there are a number of teacher led clubs which have included Newspaper Club, Choir, Computing, Arts and Crafts, Pets, Hockey, Netball and Football.

In addition, we offer a number of opportunities for music lessions; piano, guitar, flute, violin, recorder and RockSteady.

Breakfast Club and Afterschool Club will be running from 4th January.  All other clubs and music lessons will start on Monday 8th January.

Except for netball and gymnastics all the external clubs will continue next term. If you are feeling very organised now then please get in touch with the individual providers to book onto them (piano, violin, flute, recorder, guitar, Rocksteady, archery/fencing, ceramics, BOPPIN, Club Morgan, Eureka Science Club and CMSports Football). Ask to be kept on waiting lists as it is always worth a chance in case someone else changes club options.  BOPPIN and Club Morgan are now accepting Year R pupils should they wish to try a club!

Please be advised that the individual provider will let you know if your child's club has different timings.

before school clubs - Spring term 2018 

Breakfast Club - Every day of the term

Booked through the school office 01420 525010

Judo - Monday and Tuesday before school

Jason 01256 422352 or 07763 521027

Orchestra - Wednesday before school

Karen White 07791 6663330

Archery/Fencing - Friday before school

Premier Sports

After School Clubs - Spring Term 2018

Ceramics - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday after school

JJ - 07748 528730

Boppin - Monday after school

Chloe - 01730 829948

Football Club - Wednesday after school

CMSports - 02392 987881

Eureka! Science Club - Thursday after school

Club Morgan - Thursday after school

Sara Wood - 07970 729738


music lessons - Spring Term 2018 

Piano - Mark Hoare teaches children on a 1:1 and is currently holding a waiting list. Most children are from Year 3 upwards. Contact Mark on 07986 309879

Violin - Karen White teaches children on a 1:1. There are Monday places currently available. Most children start from Year 3 upwards. Contact Karen on 07791 6663330

Recorder - Jean Brand teaches the recorder in a small group or on a 1:1. Suitable for Year 1 upwards. Contact Jean on

Flute - Jess Webster teaches children on a 1:1. Playing the recorder prior to starting the flute is valuable. Recommended for post wobbly teeth! (Year 3 upwards). Contact Jess 07975 796220 or

Rock Steady - Ian teaches 33 weeks of the school year at Bentley so this falls slightly out of our usual timetable. Suitable for all children. Children learn drums, guitar, keyboard and vocals in rock groups.  Book directly with RockSteady on 0845 094 1259

Guitar - James teaches the guitar to small groups or on a 1:1. Need to have access to a guitar. Year 3 upwards. Contact Kieran Daniel at