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Communications Survey

We are reviewing the way we communicate with you and would appreciate your feedback. Please answer the following questions and return the form to the school office by 9th July 2018. It should only take five minutes to complete and it is only with your feedback that we will be able to make any necessary changes so that our communication with you can be improved for the new academic year.

Are you a;*


How often do you read the Newsletter?*
Which of the sections do you find useful/interesting? Please tick all that apply*
Do you like the current format of the Newsletter?*
Would you prefer to receive the Newsletter on a Monday morning instead of Friday afternoon?*
How often would you like to receive the Newsletter?*


Text messages

Do you like receiving text reminders?
Have you downloaded the Teachers2Parents app for text messages?

Payments and Trips

Would you prefer school trip information to be sent to you:
The school subscribes to Scopay, the online payment system for trips and/or school lunch payments. Do you use it?*
Or do you prefer to pay cash for lunches and trips?*

Governing Body

Do you receive enough information from or about the School Governing Body?*
Did you find the profiles on Governors that were featured in the newsletter last year interesting/useful?*
Would you like regular updates/information from Governors in the Newsletter?*


Do you feel the communication from the school happens*

Thank you for completing this questionnaire – we appreciate you taking the time. Please click the submit button below.